Tackle the Yellowness in Hair Post-Bleaching—REVIEW Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

by - January 11, 2021

A few months ago, I decided to do a major transformation on my hair. I did a balayage and coloured it charcoal, and the result is amazing! That impulsive act is actually something I’ve dreamt on for so long, but I really don’t know why at that time I decided to go to the salon right away, hehe. I did it even though I was scared at first. I was nervous that my hair would be way too dry and damaged that it feels harsh to touch and branched. I also was a bit terrified that much more hair would fall off, and the texture would become rubber-like! Fortunately, I came to the right salon who understands how to carefully treat hair. So even until now my hair still feels smooth, looks healthy, and not too dry.

Of course, my hair’s health keep maintained not just because of the salon. I also did some parts of it by adding some steps in my hair routine. I don’t just need to maintain it to be healthy, also for the colour to stay. Even though the dye starts to wear off, I don’t want the post-bleached part of my hair to become a vibrant yellow colour (or even orange). It’d be so weird.. That’s why I did a research on a recommended purple shampoo. For those who haven’t know about purple/silver shampoo yet, it is a shampoo with a purplish hue to tackle the yellowness in hair. I decided to try the recommendation from a celebgram Vinna Gracia. It is the one from Fanola named No Yellow Shampoo. You can see from the picture that this shampoo has a very concentrated purple colour!

Oh, and, because I use this shampoo as a treatment only (not as a daily one), so I bought the share in bottle version. That’s why it uses a basic clear bottle without any label on it. To know how this shampoo performs, please keep on reading!


IDR71,000 for 100ml.


This shampoo has a somewhat strong scent. I think it resembles the aroma of incense, just a bit more stinging for the nose. For some people, this scent might be annoying. I personally think it’s pretty annoying at first. But after several uses, I start to get used to it.


The colour of this shampoo is a concentrated purple colour. If you pour some onto your palm, you might see it looks similar to blue ink.


A lotion, runny texture. Doesn’t produce much foam.


Ideal, for grey, super lightened, or decolored hair • yes
Violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde, or streaked hair • yes


I was pretty shocked by the concentrated purple colour of this shampoo. Because it’s so strong, to the point it looks like a spot of blue ink! Besides that, I was also quite whammed by the intense scent. Both are well paid off by the result I got from this shampoo. The dye on my hair started to wear off that my vibrant yellow post-bleached hair begun to reveal. After several uses of this purple shampoo, I noticed the yellowness in my hair started to change. I expected it to be a white or light grey colour, but, apparently, it doesn’t match the expectation. Hehe. It turned out my hair became a light blonde colour with a green tint, a.k.a. a light khaki colour. Even though the result doesn’t match my expectation, I’m still delighted with the result. It is way better than the vibrant yellow one!

You don’t need much of this shampoo in one go, because you just need to apply it on the hair shaft like how you usually apply conditioner. Actually, you can use this shampoo on the scalp as well. But, I prefer to use other shampoos to treat my scalp. Adding this product into the hair routine indeed makes it even longer than it already does. But, well, it is a risk for dyeing your hair in the first place.

Overall, I think it’s a great and helpful product! The colour and the aroma are quite shocking at first, but I think everyone can get over it and use it anyway for achieving the amazing result. Unfortunately, this is the first purple shampoo I’ve ever tried, so I can’t compare it to the others. Still, I very recommend this product for you who need it!

Suitable for

If you need to tone down some vibrant yellow strands of hair, this might be the solution.


+ gives a pretty quick and nice result
+ don’t need much to cover all strands


- the scent is a bit turn off

Overall rating

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