Expensive Scented Hair Oil—REVIEW L'Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil • Eclat Imperial

by - December 01, 2020

Hi everyone! If you already followed me on Instagram or Female Daily, then you already know that I won a TikTok Challenge from the FD Event x L’Oreal Paris a month ago. I won so many L’Oreal Paris’ products, with a total price of 1.5 million rupiah! I can’t just be happy on my own. I have to share it. So I held a giveaway and gave several of the products I got to two lucky winners. I feel joyful that I can share the happiness with others too! The giveaway is already closed, by the way. If you didn’t have the chance to join the giveaway, please don’t be upset! You can follow me on Instagram to always be up to date when I suddenly hold another giveaway :D

Anyway, this is going to be the first review of the many products I got. It is one of the most popular hair care from L’Oreal Paris, the Elseve Extraordinary Oil in the variant Eclat Imperial. I know we can’t recall every variant they have. So, to make it easier, it is the one with the pink coloured bottle and has a rose scent. I’ve tried the original Extraordinary Oil before (the gold one), and I also love that one! I don’t have the review on that variant in this blog, but, if you want to read my review about it, you can check my Female Daily page. Okay, so, what do you think is the difference between this variant and the original one?


IDR135,000 for 100ml.

Where to buy

Shopee**, Tokopedia**, Sociolla, Lazada**, Blibli.

Drugstore, supermarket, department store.


This Eclat Imperial variant uses a dark pink coloured glass bottle. Just like the other variants, this hair oil doesn’t provide a cap along with it. But, they use a lockable type of pump (the one that you only have to twist to lock) to make it more secure.

Scent & Longevity

It has a kind of sweet yet elegant & expensive rose scent. I think it smells expensive because it reminds me of some expensive designer perfumes. The longevity isn’t the worst, neither it lasts a day long. It’s just okay. But, please don’t compare its longevity to actual perfume.


The texture feels more like gel instead of oil, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sense it being oily. It is not sticky at all, doesn’t feel greasy, and fast-absorbing.


Hair will be intensively nourished and protected • yes
Provides smooth, soft, shiny-looking hair, without giving a limp finish • yes
Hair looks perfect instantly • uhm… maybe? Can’t say it makes the hair looks instantly perfect, tho
French Rose Oil for a long-lasting French Rose fragrance • yes, can’t say it lasts a whole day long, but it doesn’t disappear in the next 5 mins either


My first impression when I tried this product is pretty much the same as my first imp when I tried the original one: I’m so in love! Both this variant and the original one, I love the scents so much! I don’t think they have that much difference, texture-wise. Both don’t have that greasy finish, not sticky, and fast-absorbing. They can give an instant smoothing effect. But, if you insist me to pick just one, I might choose this Eclat Imperial variant just because of the scent is more lovely for me :D

From the very first time I tried this hair oil from L’Oreal Paris, I was already amazed by its non-stickiness and non-greasiness. I used to hate using hair oil back then because my hair is the straight and thin type, using hair oil would only make it look even worse. But, it all changed after I found this hair oil. Well, before you swayed by my review, please consider looking for other reviews as well that matches your hair type & concerns, especially if you have dried, more, thicker, and more damaged hair than me. I mean, there is a possibility for this hair oil to not working as good as it is on me because of the different hair type, right? Besides that, as far as I know, L’Oreal Paris has another two variants. One of them might suits your hair needs more than this one. This one originally intended for frizzy hair.

Instead of frizzy, my hair is damaged by post-bleached condition. I still think this hair oil works amazingly on my hair, though. I can’t say it makes my hair look extra shiny, but it indeed makes my hair look very much healthier, softer, satisfying to touch and see as well. Of course, I had other products in my hair routine. But, it doesn’t mean this product doesn’t contribute anything, right. The point is I have nothing unpleasant to say about this product. It gives a great result as well as the process while using it. It isn’t pricey, easy to get, and the fact that it has a lovely scent (many options, too) is a major bonus point. 100% recommended!

Suitable for

All hair types.


+ not sticky and fast-absorbing
+ soften the hair without making it limp-looking
+ has a pleasant scent
+ affordable


- it uses a glass bottle and doesn’t provide a cap, which means a bit fragile for travelling
- they don’t have the smaller size that would suit more for travelling

Overall rating


Product gifted as a prize, but it doesn’t change my honest opinion about the product.

PR & collab friendly, please contact me through e-mail or Instagram DM

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