REVIEW Syca Lip Tint • 04 Caramel Beige—Is it Lip Tint with the Best Coverage?

by - November 04, 2020

I can’t even remember when was the first time I got attracted to Syca’s Lip Tint. What I know for sure is it’s been years, because, back then, this local brand only got three shades with them. I was intrigued with this lip tint because, besides from their cute branding and packaging, the reviews of this product say that this lip tint can even work with lips like mine—the ones who can’t use lip tint. Every time I use lip tint, the ink would only stick onto the inner part of my lips. Not to mention it’d get patchy! And also the colour selection of lip tints, especially the local ones, which are usually very bold and have an intense red hue. That doesn’t align with my #teamNude spirit at all.

After a few years of being “forgotten,” I finally ended up wanting to try this product again after knowing that they released a new shade. Disclaimer: they just released another new shade when I write this review. But, the shade that I’m going to review now is their “new” shade when I bought the product. The shade is 04 Caramel Beige! I feel like this shade is going to be the safest shade for me out of the four selections they offer.

IDR120,000 for 5ml.

Where to buy
Syca official websiteShopee**, Tokopedia**, Sociolla, Whatsapp (you can check it via Instagram).

The tube shape is square, the colour is white, and it feels matte and soft. I think people call it a “soft-touch” type of packaging (CMIIW).

It has a sweet, bread-like scent.

Coverage, Longevity & Colour
This product can’t fully cover the lips’ colour, but it can give the illusion as if the lips colour is more even. It needs two to three swipes until it reaches that level. The longevity isn’t as good as other lip tints, especially if you have a meal. If you don’t, I’d say it could last around 4-5 hours. As for the colour description, it’s a warm medium terracotta-brown colour.

Texture & Finish
The texture is gel-like kind of. It gives natural finish with a bit of sheen.

A lip tint that is easy to use due to its light texture and not sticky at all • yes
Gives a matte finish but doesn't dry out lips at all • yes, but it’s not actually that matte when it first applied

So it is true! I prove the reviews that say this lip tint is not patchy when used are right, even on lips like mine. Yes, the colour doesn’t come out as vibrant as a lipstick would do. But, as a lip tint, I’d say the colour translates perfectly & evenly. The colour translated on the inner lips are more vibrant compared to the outer part, but at least it gives colour to them sad outer lips. That alone is such a great plus point compared to other lip tints. I feel like this lip tint performs similarly to the Emina Glossy Stain ones, just Syca offers trendier colour selection, better packaging, and less-drier formula.

This 04 Caramel Beige shade is astounding. It is a terracotta-brown colour that looks like a natural lip colour. This lip tint is buildable, so it depends on how you prefer to use it. If you want to apply it thinly, you can do it. But, if you choose to layer it, so it reaches more popped colour, then you can also get it. I like to apply it thinly more, but, due to the big difference between my inner and outer part of the lips colour, I often layer it until it reaches the more-even colour illusion. Yes, I like this shade. But, to be honest, I’d prefer if it was one shade nuder than this. I’m not complaining, though. Lol! It’s just my two cents. But, still, I have to admit that this is the best lip tint shade I’ve ever tried so far.

Unfortunately, I notice that every time I use this product, it collects on my inner lips. It can be easily removed by blotting it using a tissue, though. Wait, before I describe it further, please note that this is me just being overly perfectionist, lol. To be honest, you can’t even notice it from a standard man-to-man distance. Okay, so, let’s continue. You should be careful when you try to blot it, though. My experience when I dab this lip tint is that it can lift the colour on the outer part of the lips. If you accidentally lift some of the colours, it won’t fully get off, but it still would look very different with the inner lips colour then.

Overall, this lip tint is stunning, even for lips like mine! Worth to try, especially for people whose lips are just like mine. If you can and often use lip tints, this also is recommended. They offer such pretty shades compared to the ones in the market. The price is also affordable, especially if you compare it to Korean tints. It also means you support a local brand if you do choose this product!

Suitable for
All skin tones.

+ a gel texture that is easy to spread throughout the entire lips
+ interesting colours selection
+ a local product
+ this shade is safe for every skin tones

- often collect on the inner part of the lips. NBD because it doesn’t collect that much, and you wouldn’t notice if you see it from a distance. And it probably happens just because my lips don’t usually get along with lip tints

Overall rating

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