A Creamy Lip Tint? REVIEW Dear Me Beauty Perfect Lasting Liptint • Dear Kezia

by - October 17, 2020

If we hear the word “lip tint,” most of us would directly assume that it has a watery, gel, or milky texture, right? Isn’t it unique to hear that there is a lip tint with a creamy texture just like a lip cream? The newest lip tint from Dear Me Beauty, it is the Perfect Lasting Liptint that belongs to their The Watermelon Collection, is one unique lip tint because it has a creamy texture. When it first applied, it looks just like you’re wearing a standard lip cream. But, eventually, the tint will come out after the creamy layer fades! This lip tint has various shades in the collection, which is a plus point. I chose the shade Dear Kezia, which is a pinkish nude shade (of course). Keep on reading to know my review!

IDR109,000 for 5.5g.

Where to buy
Shopee**, Tokopedia**, Sociolla, Whatsapp (you can check it through Dear Me Beauty Instagram account).

The tube is so cute because it shaped like a pill. The cap colour is red, aligns with the collection’s theme, The Watermelon Collection.

It has a subtle watermelon candy scent.

Coverage, Longevity & Colour
I think the coverage is good because it can cover the natural lips’ colour just in one swipe. The initial shade of this product, which is still in a cream form, is a warm light-medium pink-peach with a hint of brown colour. Lol, what a long a** description. To shorten it up, it is a nude colour that is a bit pinkish and peachy at the same time with a hint of brown in it, while the tint colour is a warm pink colour that is not too bold/much at all. The longevity of the cream form is okay; it doesn’t fade that fast, but I can’t say it’s the most long-lasting lip cream either. But, the colour of the tint lasts quite a long time.

Texture & Finish
It has a creamy texture. It is literally like a standard lip cream, just lighter and thinner, and has a natural matte finish.

It's just a product that gives the lips a little bit of color • yes
Won't be like a lipstick which feels heavier • yes
Transferring is more noticeable • yes
Add noticeable texture due to the wax so lip tints tend to look more natural • yes

To be honest, when I first tried this product, I didn’t get the feeling of anything exceptional. I mean, yes, it’s a unique product since it’s staining like a lip tint, but has a creamy texture when first applied. But, I feel like the cream texture isn’t the best. It is kind of similar to their famous lip cream, but, unfortunately, it tends to crumble at the inside of the lips. The colour is lovely, though, a pinkish yet peachy nude colour. I think I should describe it to a coral colour because it’s the nearest description, just more pinkish. The tint colour looks cute, too. The boldness amount is just right, it doesn’t make it look too “much.” It resembles their Dear Rachel shade, only since it’s a tint, it doesn’t look as thick.

Anyway, after a few time using this product, I realised that whenever I’m on the go or in a rush, this is the product that I first reach to. Even though I’m not in such a situation, I still tend to pick this over the other lip products I have. I realised that, even though I personally don’t find this product that appealing, this lip tint is the right product for people who don’t usually do touch up. The texture is light & it doesn’t dry the lips, and the colour—especially the stain’s—is long-lasting. If I compare this product to the other basic lip tints, I think this product win for the colour selection as it’s not “bold.”

I like this product & I recommend it! It has various colour/shade selection, even though I’m not pretty sure if the tint colour of each shade is different. Please do keep in mind the colour of the tint isn’t the same as the colour when it still in the cream form.

Suitable for
Every skin tones, but I think it’d suit people with fair to medium-deep skin tone better. This lip tint is the right choice for you guys who prefer a lightweight lipstick but also long-lasting or don’t usually do touch up in the middle of the day.

+ long-lasting
+ lightweight
+ this colour suits people who prefer nude shades like I do
+ various shade selection
+ a local product
+ cute packaging

- sometimes it crumbles at the inner lips
- the scent is subtle and isn’t disturbing at all, but it smells kinda funny and artificial

Overall rating

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