Hair Oil For Curly Hair—REVIEW Logi Treatment Hair Oil

by - September 14, 2020

Who on earth doesn’t have any hair related concern? I bet everyone is dealing with something when it comes to hair, no matter what kind of hair you have on your head. Either it’s curly or straight, hair concerns don’t care *sigh*. I have straight hair with multiple concerns, such as severe hair loss; my scalp easily gets dandruff whenever I try new products; I have thin hair (both amount-wise and strand-wise); and, last but not least, it’s super straight that it looks flat. From those many concerns, I think hair loss is my major concern. I mean, I don’t have that much hair already, why do I have to lose so many hairs, too?

When I complained about this to my partner, he bought me this Logi Treatment Hair Oil. When I saw the Instagram account, I was intrigued with their campaign, it is a hair treatment for people with curly hair. At this point, I’m pretty sure you guys are questioning why my partner bought me this hair treatment for curly hair when I have such dead straight hair? So, this hair oil isn’t formulated exclusively for curly hair only. Straight or wavy-haired people can also use this since they claim this hair oil can help with hair loss, too. But, yes, they recommend their hair oil for curly hair even more.

Interesting, right? Since I have straight hair and I use this product mainly as a treatment for my hair loss, then I’m going to tell you guys my experience on those aspects only. If you want to know more about how it performs on other hair types and/or concerns, you can visit their Instagram handle @logitreatment.

IDR95,000 for 110ml.

Where to buy
Shopee**, Whatsapp (you can check it through Logi Treatment Instagram account).

A transparent plastic bottle with a flipped cap. Using the product straight from the bottle is already trouble-free, but, they also provide an additional plastic pipette to make the application even more precise.

The dominating scent comes from the rosemary. It smells calming.

It has an oily texture, for sure. Hehe. But, it’s not a thick or heavy kind of oil, but lightweight and runny. So, please beware when you use it near your face.

Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Dried Lavender, Dried Rosemary, Essential Oil

Nourish hair • yes
Moisturises hair and scalp • yes
Stimulates hair growth • yes!
Strengthens hair roots • I think so
Reducing hair loss • I think so
Smoothes and repairs damaged hair • yes
Helps overcome dandruff • not sure
Soothing aroma • yes!

I didn’t expect much from this oil when I first tried it. It’s not because I don’t trust it, but, based on my experience, I don’t think one bottle might give much difference. Whenever I tried hair oil like this one, I got the results only when I’m on the second, third, or more bottle. Since I didn’t expect much, I just use it without really paying attention to the result. After three or four weeks of using it, I realised that there are so many new baby hairs appear, and my hair gets significantly longer. It’s very noticeable as I don’t usually get this many new baby hairs, and I know my hair doesn’t grow longer this fast. Like, at the beginning of last year, I cut my hair short, and it reached my shoulders when it was already the end of the year *smh*.

For my hair loss problem, yes, I think it decreases. But, I have to admit that my severe hair loss that happened a few months ago happened due to the high-stress level. When I started using this oil, I was actually started healing. So, I conclude that my hair loss gets better because of the combination of both healing and using this oil. Another positive effect that I got from this product is my hair seems to be more moisturised. Not that significant, though, because I mainly use this product on my scalp only.

Fortunately, since this product suits my scalp, I didn’t get any dandruff when I use this. But, I can’t say that this product helps me to overcome dandruff, as nowadays I don’t deal with it. Another plus point is the aroma. I love the rosemary aroma as somehow I find it calming.

I totally recommend this product!

Suitable for
Every hair types.

+ significantly helps on hair growth
+ a local product
+ has a calming aroma
+ helps reducing hair loss
+ affordable

So far: none!

Overall rating

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