REVIEW Dear Me Beauty Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation • N02 Nude Beige

by - September 02, 2020

Ever since I tried Dear Me Beauty’s lip cream and I straightly fell in love, I started to be curious about their other products. They don’t have that many variations of products, but they recently came out with many new products. They released several eye makeups such as an eyeshadow palette, an eyebrow pencil, and an eyeliner… And now they come out with a foundation! FYI, out of every makeup products, I love complexion makeups the most, especially foundations. Of course, I had to try this one!

The name is Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation. Even from the title, we could already expect its claim to be a lightweight foundation and able to blurs the sight of pores. I chose the shade N02 Nude Beige even though my undertone leans more to the warm side. I didn’t pick the W02 because it seems much darker in the picture. Dear Me Beauty released 9 shades on their first launching of this product, and those shades are divided into 3 categories based on the undertones. You can see the official picture that I captured from their official Instagram account, and you should check their Instagram for more detailed information.

source: official Instagram account @dearmebeauty
IDR179,000 for 30g.

We shouldn’t doubt Dear Me Beauty about its visual. The packaging’s colour is in a beige nude tone, their typical colour. It’s in a squeezing tube shape, but it comes with a pump and a cap. I think the cap works fine.

Coverage, Longevity & Colour
The coverage of this foundation, for me, is medium to high. The longevity is just okay. I mean, I know there are other foundations those last longer than this. This shade is not yellow enough for people with “stronger” warm undertone. It’s not necessarily a problem, since it falls into the neutral category, so it’s supposed to be made for people with neutral undertone. It doesn’t appear ashy on me.

Texture & Finish
The texture is a bit thick and creamy, but it feels light and easy to spread & blend. It gives a natural finish, not matte nor dewy.

A light-as-air • yes
Non-comedogenic liquid foundation to mask and cover imperfections with buildable coverage • yes for the buildable coverage, but it doesn’t cover imperfections perfectly
Unify uneven skin tone for a smooth, second-skin finish that’s everlasting • kind of, and yes
Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation SPF 18 defends skin from harmful UVA/B rays

One of the humans’ most consequential mistakes is putting their expectation too high. Once the thing you waited for doesn’t come out as what you expected, it’ll hurt you. Hahaha. The correlation of that to this review is this foundation doesn’t work as well as what I expected. It was my fault, though, for having such high expectation just because I love their lip creams. Don’t get me wrong, I think this foundation is okay. It’s just… not that good. Especially on my textured skin.

Let’s start with the coverage that’s not high enough to cover some stubborn PIE and PIH, even if I layer it multiple times. If it’s used on “non-problematic” skins, I think it can be counted as (almost) full coverage. K, I’m a bit disappointed, but I should focus more on its finish since it matters more to me. Guess what? Turns out the finish isn’t that special either! It doesn’t blur the appearance of pores, and I see that sometimes it accentuates the texture I have on my skin. I think the skin texture gets more accentuated when I don’t prep my skin right. You know, such as when I don’t give enough hydration, or the moisturiser I use doesn’t suit my current skin’s condition, etc.

The oil-control is okay. It’s not bad, but definitely not the best. I don’t mind it, as long as it doesn’t make my skin very oily on the first few hours after applying. Even though the finish doesn’t match my expectation, I have to say that there are multiple positive aspects of this product. I like the texture because it blends effortlessly, and it feels light on the skin. It also looks natural and one with the skin, so it doesn’t look thick.

Overall, I see that this foundation is gonna be a better friend for people who don’t deal with a lot of textures. This foundation is suitable for daily occasions since it’s lightweight. For people with many hyperpigmentations, I suggest you also have concealer to use if you aim for a fully covered makeup look.

Suitable for
Light-medium to medium skin with neutral to slight warm undertone. I don’t really recommend it for people with many textures and/or big pores. If you don’t look for the benefit of concealing those that I mention, then go for it.

+ natural finish that’s one with the skin
+ easy to blend
+ lightweight
+ a local product
+ pretty packaging

- doesn’t suit its name because it doesn’t blur the appearance of pores
- not textured-skin friendly
- need more coverage
- need more variations of shades
- collects a (tiny) bit on the textured area after several hours used

Overall rating

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