An Affordable Korean Tinted Lip Balm! REVIEW I'm Meme Pep! Balm • 004 Corner

by - September 17, 2020

This product was a hit, like, a few months ago. It’s because it has a unique packaging and the shades they came up with are so trendy. I wasn’t that into this I’m Meme Pep! Balm at first. I thought I don’t need any more colourful lip balm anyway, I’m settled with my liquid lipsticks. But… I was so intrigued at someone’s (sorry I forgot who you were) Instagram story whose was raving this product, that I ended up buying it online. It’s not just that story that made me buy it. I read some reviews of this product after I saw that story, and I read that some people even use this as a liquid blush as well. So, anyway, I chose the shade 004 Corner because it looks like it might suit my medium skin well.

IDR130,000 for 15g.

Where to buy

It uses an aluminium tube, just like watercolour packaging. So unique, right? It comes with a clear plastic box, too.


Coverage, Longevity & Colour
Sheer to medium coverage, yes, the colour is buildable. The longevity is okay. It wears off quite fast, but it leaves a bit of tint afterwards. Of course, it is not transfer-proof. It’s a lip balm after all. The colour for this shade is medium coral-brown.

Texture & Finish
It feels balmy when it first dispensed, but it turns to velvety feels once applied. It’s not as moisturising as a lip balm should be, it even feels a bit dry at first. Even though so, it doesn’t make the lips dry. It gives a natural finish. Natural as in it’s not matte, nor giving much sheen as most lip balms do.

Makes a beautiful and long-lasting lip and cheek makeup • kind of?
Contains essential oils that are rich in nutrients and is moisturising • kind of, not that moisturising, though
The silky-smooth texture allows smooth application without dryness or stickiness • yes

My first impression of this product goes, “is this a lip balm or a lip cream, eh?” I mean, besides the very pigmented colour, the texture feels velvety and doesn’t really feel moisturising. But, after I used it for a few hours, I’m not mad at it because it doesn’t dry my lips. Because of that experience, I tried using this product as merely a colouring product. So I use it on top of my other lip balms, those lip balms are a tinted lip balm from Wardah and a clear one from Sensatia Botanicals. Using the Pep Balm on top of Wardah’s tinted lip balm makes the colour goes patchy. While on top of the Sensatia’s, since it’s an oilier & thicker lip balm, the colour appears so sheer. But, I realised that this way means I got two benefits at once. My lips are moisturised enough from the Sensatia’s lip balm, and my overall complexion doesn’t look as dull since my lips have a sheer tint. Love using this method at night, just so I don’t look so pale whenever I see myself in the mirror, hehe.

As I mentioned before, I saw some reviews saying that they also use this product as a liquid blush. So, of course, I tried it. Based on my experience, I suggest you start slow. Use an as little amount of product at first, and then build it up. When I used a lot at once, I saw the colour appeared neon, and the texture wasn’t really blendable. But, if you build it up slowly, you can adjust the intensity, and it’ll be less patchy as you can control where to put the product. Just a tiny bit of this product can give you an intense colour on the cheek, but it’s not as spreadable as it is on the lips. This colour as a blush makes my face looks fresher. Be careful, though, because if you use it too much, you might look feverish.

Overall, I think this product is well! Especially as an additional or occasional lip balm, where you use it just when you want to look fresher. Another plus point as it can be used as a liquid blush as well. As a daily lip balm to nourish the lips, umm… I think you should choose another lip balm that is more occlusive and richer.

Suitable for
People who usually go with a natural look, or in general don’t use makeup often. Colour-wise, I think this will suit people with fair to medium-tan skin tone. If you’re out of that range, it doesn’t mean this product wouldn’t flatter you!

+ attractive shades selection
+ this shade looks natural, but still gives freshness to the overall look
+ affordable price for a multi-function product

- not so spreadable when used as a liquid blush
- not so moisturising as a daily lip balm

Overall rating

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