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by - August 07, 2020

At the beginning of the Ramadan season a few months ago, Rollover Reaction held a ‘buy one get one random product’ promo. As someone who usually can’t resist discounts or promo whatsoever (he he), of course, I had to buy something from them :) I bought their newest tubing mascara, it is BATLASH! Eyelash Perfector. They said that the random free product was supposed to be one from their best-seller range, so I had my expectation so high. Would I get Moonlit? A cushion refill, or an eyebrow mascara, perhaps?

It turned out I got their Sueded Lip and Cheek Cream in the shade Moss. Gotta be honest, I was pretty disappointed (he he), moreover since Moss isn’t in their best-seller range as far as I know (CMIIW). But, well, it’s okay. It’s the consequence of getting a random free gift, right? When I swatched it on the back of my hand, hmm… I got a feeling that I wouldn’t suit this colour. Keep on reading if you want to find out more!

IDR129,000 for 5.5g.

The tube is square-shaped. It’s clear/transparent, and the cap colour is black. Just like BLP Beauty’s, the body of the bottle is clear and frosted. The Rollover Reaction logo is printed in black.

It has a sweet chocolatey scent. A bit strong if you sniff it too hard, but it doesn’t bother a lot and simply gone once applied.

Coverage, Longevity & Colour
I think the colour in one swipe is enough to cover the natural lip’s colour. I’d say it has a medium-high coverage. The longevity is not that good and not transfer-proof. The colour of this shade is the definition of the "true neutral-brown" colour, just like the official description.

Texture & Finish
This lip cream is very lightweight. It has a more liquidy texture with a little bit of creaminess. The finish is natural matte, it 100% hugs the lips that it looks like as if you’re not wearing any lipstick.

Before I tried it on my lips, I browsed their official website and saw the official picture of this lip cream worn on the model. I was quite shocked because it looked so dark and very grunge. It turned out that this colour doesn’t appear that grunge on me. Although so, I’d still say that this colour is very tricky. Sometimes it looks more grungy than the other days. I’m not sure why it happened to be like that, because my everyday makeup looks are pretty much the same. Maybe it depends on the colour of the foundation I’m wearing, but I don’t know, really.

Despite the moody colour, I easily fall in love with this lip cream if we’re talking about it texture-wise and finish-wise. This lip cream is so lightweight that you don’t feel like you’re wearing any lip cream, and the finish is just so good because it sticks onto the lips perfectly! If only the shade I got was the one that matches my preference more, I’d easily make this lip cream as one of my favourite lip creams. I don’t really care about the longevity of this product as long as it feels comfortable. Yes, I prefer comfort more than longevity when it comes to lip cosmetics. I think re-applying lip creams aren’t that hard, so.

As a lip colour, this shade might not captivate me. But, I found another function of this shade. I like using this shade as a liquid eyeshadow! I think the colour is just right as my daily liquid eyeshadow colour. I use it on the outer corner of my lids, and voila, it contours my eyes flawlessly. Since this product is more liquidy in term of texture, it makes it easier to be blended on the lids. I haven’t tried it as a liquid face contour, but considering that this works to contour my eyes, it might work as a facial contour as well, as long as you try until you get the perfect amount needed to make it looks good.

Suitable for
Medium to dark skin tone. I think this shade matches more for those skin tones because it’d appear more neutral-looking, or maybe as a nude lip colour for certain skin tones. If your skin tone is not in that range, it doesn’t mean this shade wouldn’t work on you. It’s just maybe the colour would look bolder and more grungy.

+ the finish is very natural
+ its lightweight texture and the spreadability
+ this shade works great as a liquid eyeshadow
+ a local product

- the colour might be tricky

Overall rating

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