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by - July 31, 2020

Rollover Reaction is one of my favourite local cosmetics brands. At first, I love their branding the most, but after trying out some of their products, I realised their quality is also excellent that made me fall in love harder with them. Based on their products that I’ve tried or saw so far, I figured out that they produce a natural, lightweight, effortless beauty type of makeup.

A few months ago, Rollover Reaction released a new product. It is mascara, and they named it BATLASH! Eyelash Perfector. It’s a tubing mascara, a type of mascara that won’t smudge as if you’re using a waterproof one, but can be easily removed by taking it off using warm water. If you see their ad for this product, it seems like this mascara will give you a very natural and lightweight finish. After reading or hearing some reviews of it, that’s indeed the result they get. As a volumising mascara type of makeup user (though I hate it if it gets clumpy), I still want to try this mascara since day one it was released. Mainly because it is the first tubing mascara from a local brand. Unfortunately, I find the price is quite high, especially for a makeup product that I might not fancy a lot.

At the beginning of this year’s Ramadan, Rollover Reaction held a promo “buy one, get one random product.” My mind thought it was a good deal! Though it’s a gamble because I don’t know what I’d get as the random product, well, I’m weak when it comes to promo, so I decided to participate anyway. I checked my stash and turned out I don’t need anything else besides eyeliner and mascara. Since Rollover reaction doesn’t have eyeliner, and I was pretty curious about their mascara, I decided to buy the mascara. If we calculate it mathematically, or financially, I think it’s a good price ;p

If you’re wondering the random free product I got, I got their Sueded Lip and Cheek Cream in the shade Moss. I’ll write a review of that product separately. For now, let’s dig into what I think of Rollover Reaction’s new mascara.


IDR149,000 for 8g.


A simple, modern black tube, just like typical Rollover Reaction products. The box that comes with it is in black and white. The wand or the applicator is the curved one, and it’s long and slim.

Longevity & Colour

The longevity is so good. I think tubing mascara, longevity-wise, is located in between washable and waterproof mascara. The colour, just like the name, is carbon black.


Carbon black mascara which color mimics your natural lashes • yes?

With lash film technology that laminates every lash on your eyes to ensure long lasting curl, volume and length • not really, and yes

Waterproof, smudge proof and easily removed with lukewarm water • yes

Equipped with a helix brush applicator that perfectly hugs every strand, lifting and separating your lashes • yes

Use the shorter spike at initial application to give volume, curl, and lengthen. Then use the longer spike to comb for separation. Build up layers for more dramatic look


The finish you get from this mascara is very natural, specifically if you use one layer only. One layer won’t make your eyelashes curl, but you’ll get more length and non-clumpy look. Since my eyelashes aren’t naturally curled and not so volumised, I prefer to use two layers of this mascara for a better result. I won’t say it gives more volume that way, but I can see it looks better compared to the one layer look. My eyelashes get curled just a tiny bit, and it gives more length and bolder black colour. What amazes me is it doesn’t get clumpy at all.

I read a review of this mascara from my online friend, Gabriela (@thebeautyscoops on Instagram), that this mascara will get thicker a few weeks after opened. Once it gets more clotted, it’d give a better result. I’m not sure if it’s a suggestion after reading that review or it is actually happening, I indeed feel the same way as Gabriela. I feel like the result is better, even if I use one layer only. What I meant by a better result is the colour gets more intense, it gives a little more volume, but it still won’t get clumpy.

The longevity is the best point of this mascara for me. Why? Because it doesn’t smudge if I cry, even though a few pieces shred off. Since it’s effortless to take this mascara off, I don’t really mind if this mascara isn’t truly resistant to water (tears, in my case, lol). I mean, it’s not like I cry every time I use this mascara. This mascara indeed is unchallenging to remove using warm water but doesn’t get off simply if you use cold water. You still can remove it, but you need extra time and energy to do it if you don’t use warm water. You can use a makeup remover, though.

Suitable for

I think this product suits people who are looking for a natural finish mascara. People with long, voluminous, and naturally curled eyelashes would love this product even more. If you don’t fall into that category, but you prefer a natural-looking mascara, I still think it’s worth for you to try.


- has great longevity since it’s a tubing mascara

- a local product

- very natural-looking finish, as if it’s your real eyelashes


- quite pricey

- the finish is way too natural, it might be a con for people who are used to bolder finish mascaras

Overall rating


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