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by - July 12, 2020

Esqa is one of my favourite local brands. How could I now if their packagings, design, and concept are awesome? Whoever sees this brand would absolutely fall in love with it! And, once you try their products, you’ll love them even more because of the great qualities. I’ve tried some of their products, such as their blushes, lip glosses, face palette, and their eyeshadow palette. None of those disappoints me, formula-wise. So, when they released their new product, it is the Radiant Cushion Blush, I know I want to have it! Unfortunately, the price’s a bit high for me, especially because I don’t really need any more blusher right now… so, yeah, I held myself back and didn’t buy it right on the released date.

Fortunately, Esqa is one of some brands that hold sale quite often. In fact, I bought ALL of the Esqa products that I have (except for the blushers and the lip glosses, they’re giveaway presents) when they were on sale. Hehe. Back to the topic, so I bought the Radiant Cushion Blush when it was on sale on Sociolla. I educated myself about the shades by watching several review videos, and I ended up choosing Sara Robert’s favourite shade, Ravello. Please keep on reading to know how I feel about this cushion blush!

P r i c e

IDR150,000 for 5g.

P a c k a g i n g

The box’s colour that comes with the product matched the shade. The design is elegant and minimal, just like other Esqa’s products. The case colour is rose gold, and the size is small. A mirror and a puff are included.

I n t e n s i t y ,  L o n g e v i t y  &  C o l o u r

One tap on the cushion can cover one cheek with a wide area. When I said one tap, I mean as just a small tap (I hope you understand what I mean). Even though the area covered by the one tap is quite broad, but the colour intensity only reaches sheer to medium once it blended. Before you blend it, the colour appears as a quite neon orange colour. The colour turns to be a warm orangey, peachy brown after you blend it. The longevity is considered good for a cream blush.

T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h

The texture of this cushion blush looks like a liquidy gel. It gives a very natural finish as if you’re blushing from the inside.

C l a i m s

A cushion type blusher that will make your cheeks naturally blushing with satin finish • yes

Buildable and blendable formula for natural glowing skin • yes

Vegan, Halal, and made without harsh chemicals

T h o u g h t s

This first Indonesian cushion blush is actually as good as its reviews! The lightweight and gel-like texture make this blush very blendable. It might be lightweight, but boy, a little goes a long way. You don’t need much product on your puff to use it on both of your cheeks. You’ll get a sheer-medium colour, but that makes it look very natural as if you’re naturally blushing. People won’t really notice that you’re wearing blush. The fact that it has a satin finish makes it even more believable that you’re just blushing. If you’re afraid this cream blush would take away the coverage of your foundation, there’s no need to worry because it won’t do such thing. Colour-wise, I think this is a safe colour that would suit almost every skin tone, but I’m not sure how intense it’d be on darker skin tones, though. If the colour could appear vibrant enough, I’m pretty confident that it’d look very pretty.

I personally love the result of this product, and I also like that it is a blush in a cushion form. The small size of the packaging is an interesting point for me too because it’s easier to be carried around, and doesn’t take much space. This is one of some products that I can’t really find the con, except for the price. Well, the price isn’t that high, but still. Fortunately, Esqa holds discount quite often. So, if you also think this product’s price doesn’t match your budget, you could buy it while it’s on sale. Just check the brand’s Instagram story often to get the information on the discount.

S u i t a b l e   f o r

All skin tones and types.

P r o s

+ has a very natural finish, as if you’re not wearing blush

+ has a beautiful colour and suitable for pretty much all skin tones

+ a local product

+ has a small size and it’s such a practical product because it’s a cushion

C o n s

- a bit pricey. Worth the price, though

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g


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