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by - July 27, 2020

On my Emina Magic Potion review post, I said that I don’t really like lip tint because most lip tints can’t stick on to my lips. Magic Potion can, but it turned out I’m not confident enough to wear that colour. I thought I wouldn’t want to buy any more lip tint, but when I randomly watched a video of Emina’s newest lip tint, Glossy Stain, I swayed. I checked it out on some e-commerces, but they were all sold out. Kay then, maybe I shouldn’t buy it.

But then I uploaded an Instagram story of this product. Someone reached out to me and told me an online shop that still has the entire shades of this lip tint. You already guess what I did right after that, don’t you? Yeah, I bought it, lol. I wouldn’t write this review if I didn’t buy it!!! Ok, anyway, I chose the lightest shade from the entire collection. It is the shade 04 Peach Sprinkles, and it looks pretty nude. Let’s keep on reading to know how it performs on my lips.

P r i c e

IDR47,500 for 3g.

W h e r e   t o   b u y

Brand official websiteShopee**, Tokopedia**, SociollaLazada**, Blibli.

Drugstore, minimarket, supermarket.

P a c k a g i n g

The colour of the box and the tube match the shade colour. Both have the youthful, happy, teen vibe design a la Emina. The packaging is square-shaped, and the size is tiny! Even the applicator wand is so short that it’s so hard to apply the product comfortably. It uses a teardrop applicator, which supposed to make it easier to reach the edges of the lips and more liquid gets picked up in just one dip.

S c e n t

It has a sweet and yummy melon candy scent. The scent isn’t too much, though, so it doesn’t really disturb me.

C o v e r a g e ,  L o n g e v i t y  &  C o l o u r

Since this is a lip tint, it doesn’t have that much coverage, so don’t expect it to cover your actual lip colour. But, the colour appears quite vibrant that the natural lip colour could be hidden pretty well. The longevity of the glossy effect doesn’t last that long, but the stain is from another world. It lasts for an eternity (trying to be funny here). If it swatched on the had, the colour appears as a medium peachy-orangey nude colour. But, on my lips, it turns to be a bit rosy with the peachy-orangey tone, mixed well with my natural brownish lip colour. The stain left once it faded looks like a medium coral or peachy pink colour.

T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h

I’d say the texture is more like a gel or jelly, so it’s not that liquidy or watery. The finish is glossy, and it’ll stain because it’s a lip tint.

C l a i m s

Easy meal gel texture that is easy to blend, lightweight and not greasy • yes

Buildable color –low to medium cover • yes

Longlasting tint • yes

Has a moisturising feel and not sticky • no and yes

Not bitter on the lips • yes

Water drop applicator –easy to use to frame and trim the results of the application on the lips • yes

T h o u g h t s

I expect this shade would be nuder than it actually is. It’s still vibrant for me. However, it turned out this colour looks pretty well on me, especially when only the stain left and the glossy effect is gone. In fact, I usually blot the gloss using a ply of tissue, so I only left with the stain colour. This colour makes my face looks fresher in a good way.

Besides the colour, I also like the texture even more than their Magic Potion. Apparently, the consistency of this product is more spreadable on my lips, so it doesn’t easily get patchy even when I roll my lips together. I still try not to smack my lips when I use it, though, just to be safe. Glad it sets pretty quickly, so I don’t have to suffer a lot while trying hard not to do that :p

The stain’s longevity from this lip tint is exceptionally astounding. It’d be even more lasting if you don’t have a meal, but though if you do, I still consider the stain to be very long-lasting. It survives two meals! Unfortunately, the stain left looks quite patchy on me. I’m not sure if it’s because of my lips or the product. I’m guessing it’s because of my lips, because, as I already said before, my lips don’t get along really well with most lip tints.

Oh, and the stain left until the end of the day might get quite stubborn when you try to erase it, even using a cleansing oil. My way to make sure it’s wholly off my lips is by using a cleansing oil, then I rinse it, and then I brush my lips using a toothbrush. That way, the stubborn stain gets off.

Overall, I recommend this lip tint, especially to those who have the same problem as me. Please don’t expect it’ll turn you into a Korean eonni, lol. Using a nude liquid lipstick or concealer underneath the lip tint might get you to the Korean eonni look. Another con for this lip tint is the limited shades. I wish Emina would release more shades for this product. If I could request one, could I get a brown nude coloured lip tint? ;)

S u i t a b l e   f o r

Fair to medium skin tone. If your skin tone is out of the range I mentioned, it doesn’t mean this product won’t work on you.

P r o s

+ doesn’t easily get patchy when applied, even compared to the Magic Potion

+ the stain’s colour is so pretty, even on my skin tone

+ affordable

+ the stain is long-lasting

+ has a yummy scent

+ tiny-sized, easy to carry

C o n s

- the applicator wand is too short, makes it hard to use

- more shades, please!

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g


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