REVIEW Rosé All Day The Realest Lightweight Compact Powder • Medium

by - May 11, 2020

I FINALLY buy this compact powder!

Such an intro *rolling eyes*. If you follow me on Instagram, you must already know that I make stories of this product quite often. It’s because I always wanted to try this Realest Lightweight Compact Powder from Rosé All Day since I saw sooooo many great reviews about it. In fact, their rating in Female Daily Network app is a solid five! Many people also DMed me on Instagram to say that I NEED to try it. However, I find that the price of this powder is quite pricey, considering that I still have many powders that I haven’t finished yet. But, well, even though I blame myself so bad for it, I just can’t help being curious about it. So, when this product was on sale on Sociolla, I didn’t have a n y hesitation to buy it right away. You know me.

I initially wanted to buy the shade Light because, from what I heard or read from many reviews, this powder doesn’t give much coverage. So I thought, maybe I should get the Light one since my BLP powder is a tad darker than my skin tone. I mean, you know, just so I have options, or maybe I could combine both powders (this compact powder in the shade Light for my under eyes, and BLP powder on the rest of my face?). Well, luck wasn’t in my way at that time. The Light shade was sold out. Gosh, so frustrating. I wanted to buy it so bad that I just couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer, so I bought the shade Medium instead.

P r i c e
IDR175,000 for 9.5g.

P a c k a g i n g
Start from the box to the powder case, I fall in love already! It uses a baby pink and white colour combination, which I think looks really cute. The box that comes with the product is pretty big. It has a lot of information on it, but somehow it still looks chic. You know, some design with many words in it could turn into a hot mess. The powder case looks minimalist and pretty. There’s a mirror inside, and a lid or separator for the puff so it doesn’t touch the powder directly (to keep it clean). I think the plastic separator looks kinda frail, though.

C o v e r a g e ,  L o n g e v i t y  &  C o l o u r
The coverage of this product is very minimal or sheer. The colour of this Medium shade appears yellow (almost olive) when swatched using a finger. But since this powder doesn’t give much coverage, it doesn’t really change the colour of your complexion (either if you wear a foundation or bare-faced). It doesn’t have great oil control, though. My face gets oily after several hours.

T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h
If you touch the pan using your finger, you can feel that this powder is very fine. You’ll get a natural, soft matte finish using this powder (you still can see some sheens).

C l a i m s
Evens out texture • yes
Gives a soft matte finish • yes
Keeps your skin looking real and really really good • yes
It's a long-lasting, anti-aging skin-perfecting base with added UV protection • maybe? Since the coverage is sheer, I can’t really tell how long the product stays on my skin
Color corrects and moisturizes for that instant skin smooth effect • no and yes. It doesn’t colour correct nor moisturising. But, yes, it gives an instant skin smooth effect
Formulated with good for the skin ingredients: squalane, titanium dioxide, vitamin E and silica

T h o u g h t s
This powder is soo good because it makes my skin look smooth! It has a soft matte finish but still manages to leave beautiful sheens on the face. It makes my face look naturally healthy and neat. It looks even better if you see it from afar, as if I use Paris filter from Instagram in real life, lol! However, if you get really close to my face and do a thorough investigation, it doesn’t really blur the pores. It’d look even more obvious if you don’t use any base makeup such as foundation underneath.

I’ve tried using the puff to apply the powder, and both sides of the puff give me the same sheer coverage. Therefore, the claim that the two-sided puff gives two different coverages is proved wrong, at least on my skin. I also tried applying this powder with a brush, and the result is pretty much the same. Oh, since I’m not a touch-up kind of person, I never do a touch-up test using this powder. FYI, some other reviews that I’ve read before said this powder works well as a touch-up powder. It doesn’t get cakey whatsoever.

I love this powder, I really do! But, surprisingly, I wasn’t as hysterical as I thought I’d be when I tried it on. It’s not because it’s a bad product, but because it has a very similar result to a drugstore powder that I’ve used before. That drugstore powder is Photofocus Compact Powder from Wet n Wild. It’s way cheaper and easier to get than the Rosé All Day one, but the finish is just as good.

I think those two powders have their own pros and cons. Wet n Wild might be cheaper, but the packaging isn’t as sturdy. The design of the packaging is also so mediocre. Moreover, the oil control is such a disaster, especially for combination-oily skin like mine. In the other hand, Rosé All Day has a better oil control, even though it’s not the best. Plus, the packaging is so cute and very practical. Not to mention the fact that this is a local product! It’s just, well, pricier.

Overall, I love this powder, and I recommend it. If you always wanted to buy it and you have the cash, go for it. But, if you’re on a budget, I suggest you wait for it to be discounted, or maybe you could try the Wet n Wild powder that I mentioned earlier. The review of that product is available only on Female Daily. I can’t make a new detailed review of that product since mine is already used up.

S u i t a b l e   f o r
All skin types.

P r o s
+ gives an instant smooth skin effect, just like an Instagram filter
+ doesn’t accentuate nor collect on the textured area
+ a local product
+ a pretty and practical design

C o n s
- quite pricey
- it doesn’t completely blur my pores

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g

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