REVIEW Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink • Amazonian & Seductress

by - April 30, 2020

Honestly, I wasn’t interested to buy this lipstick when it first arrived and released in Indonesia. Like, at all. I’m not the type of person who prefers long-lasting lipstick because I find that that kind of lipsticks always leaves my lips dry. Even when I read reviews of this product saying ‘it doesn’t dry out your lips,’ but I still wasn’t interested. I don’t know why I just don’t.

The day finally came where I surrender and wanting to buy it. It was a fine day at my family house. My sister, out of nowhere, showed off her new lip cream and said that the lip cream she used (this Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink) is great and very long-lasting. She even came into my room after she came home from work, merely just to prove to me that this lip cream didn’t budge that much even after wearing it the whole day. She also mentioned that this lip cream doesn’t make her lips dry. I ended up believing her and tempted to buy one, LOL. Fortunately, when I was about to buy this product, I saw it on sale on Sociolla. I also bought Dear Me Beauty lipsticks at the same time, I’ve reviewed it and you can read it here.

Anyway, since it was on sale and I was so indecisive (I couldn’t pick just one shade), I ended up buying two shades at once, lmaooo. I also bought two shades of the Dear Me Beauty lipsticks, and I regretted those purchases right away. I told myself to pick only one shade to keep and sell the other one. You already know that I ended up keeping both shades of the Dear Me beauty lipsticks, but what about this one? Would I keep both of them? Keep on reading to find out!

IDR119,000 for 5ml.

The tube used for this lipstick is a bit different because it’s square-shaped. The colour of the packaging matches the shade colour, but they leave the cap white. The applicator they use is the one that looks like a teardrop with a hole in the middle of it. Usually, this kind of applicator makes the applying easier, especially to reach the edges of the lips with the tapered or pointed part. Besides that, this applicator also picks up more product, so you don’t have to dip it twice into the tube to cover your whole lips.

It has a sweet, cake-like scent. I think it’s pretty obvious/strong, but it isn’t disturbing.

Longevity & Coverage
The longevity is incredible. They last for a very long time! Even one day, when I was exhausted, I cleaned my face using micellar water only (please don’t do that), I realised the next day that this lip cream wasn’t fully removed. You have to use an oil-based or any water-proof makeup cleanser to make sure it is fully erased. The coverage is great, it covers the natural lip colour in just one swipe.

Texture & Finish
This lip cream is liquidy, but a little creamy and feels kinda thick. It’s a bit tacky when it hasn’t set, so I recommend don’t stick your lips together at this phase. When it sets, it won’t feel completely dry. You’ll still feel a bit of tackiness, and it still has a sheen on it.

Highly-pigmented so that it can cover the lips in one swipe • yes
Transfer-proof and waterproof, even when you have meals • depends on what you eat
Doesn’t dry the lips • yes
Use for up to 16 hours • yes

The main thing that I always remember if I talk about this product is: IT IS CRAZY HOW IT LASTS THIS LONG!

Yes, it stays that long on the lips that I was shooketh when I first tried it. Actually, I’ve tried a liquid lipstick from Colourpop before, and their lipsticks last for a really long time, too. But, those lipsticks are too drying for me. This Superstay Matte Ink is like an upgraded version of the Colourpop’s (for me) because it doesn’t dry out my lips. Unfortunately, the tackiness that the Superstay Matte Ink has is almost the same as the Colourpop’s. It’s annoying for me. I have to hold myself to NOT rolling my lips (Gosh, I still don’t know the right word to say it) so it doesn’t get patchy. That makes this lipstick is kinda tricky and a bit hard-to-use, especially for people like me who always, ALWAYS roll their lips together.

This lip cream doesn’t budge that much when I have a meal. They even survive oily/greasy meals, but, of course, some parts are missing afterwards. The missing colour looks kinda patchy, but it doesn’t look that bad except if you see it really closely. For the colours I have, it doesn’t look weird when the colour starts missing because these colours are natural, kinda similar to a skin or lips colour. I’m wondering how it’d look like if the colour I use is a vibrant one.

+ doesn’t dry out the lips
+ very long-wearing
+ affordable, since you don’t have to touch up many times when you use this

- the application is kinda tricky, it has the potential to be patchy when it hasn’t set
- a little tacky when it hasn’t set
- takes some time until it dries, and it doesn’t even get fully dry (still can feel a bit tacky)


Amazonian is a medium-deep brown with warm red/orange undertone colour.

Suitable for
All skin tones, but it might look bold on lighter skin tones.

Overall rating


Seductress is a light-medium neutral brownish pink nude colour.

Suitable for
All skin tones, but it might looks to nude or pale on darker skin tones.

Overall rating


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