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by - April 08, 2020

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of lip gloss. If I decided to buy a new one, there must be something special about it since I haven’t finished my Esqa glosses yet. So, one day, I visited BLP Beauty Space with my friend. I wanted to buy their Lip Bullet (wish-listed since Day 1 it launched) and tried their gelato (yum!). When I swatched their products, my friend showed me an announcement that they were having a sale for some selected products, including this Spiced Masala Lip Glaze. I swatched it, and, surprisingly, I liked it! I like the texture and the colour of this shade. I thought through a cup of ice cream and I finally bought this Lip Glaze instead of the Lip Bullet, lol. Maybe I’ll buy the Lip Bullet another time. I bet you must be wondering how good this Lip Glaze is until I changed my mind that fast, huh?

P r i c e
IDR139,000 for 4g.

P a c k a g i n g
The tube for the Lip Glaze is similar to their Lip Coat, but instead of having a matte finish tube, it is glossy. The colour of the cap is white, and the name of the product is printed on the tube. It doesn’t take much space because the font is pretty small, so it looks chic in a minimalist way. Well, BLP Beauty always has pretty packaging, don’t they?

C o v e r a g e ,  L o n g e v i t y  &  C o l o u r
It is an opaque type of lip gloss. The coverage is high enough to cover the actual/natural colour of the lips. There’s nothing special for the longevity, it transfers and gone once you have a meal. I’d describe this colour as a medium brown with warm undertone. It has more of an orangey hue instead of pink.

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T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h
Even though it’s kinda stupid to explain this, but… I’ll just mention it anyway. The finish of this product is glossy (lmao). It’s very easy to spread, the texture is not as thick as most lip glosses, but it definitely isn’t very liquidy either.

C l a i m s
Pigmented • yes
Yet still buildable, for you to adjust your preferred level of glossy intensity • yes, but I don’t think it’s that easy to adjust the intensity

T h o u g h t s
When I first tried it at BLP Beauty Space, I didn’t realise that I have a very similar gloss to this one. This shade is extremely similar to Esqa lip gloss in the shade Jakarta! I’ve tried it side by side to make sure, and, yes, they’re 99% similar. Both are medium brown coloured gloss, but Jakarta leans more to the pinkish tone and Spiced Masala looks more orangey. Besides the colour, they also feel kinda the same. Both formulas feel like using a lip oil on the lips. They’re very lightweight, opaque, and not glittery. They give a beautiful, healthy-looking sheen. A plus point for Lip Glaze is it smells sweet and delicious.

not edited and I'm sorry for not taking the picture on my usual set!
I haven’t found a major con for this product, so far. It might be because I didn’t expect a lot anyway. Even though I’m not a big fan of lip gloss, I definitely recommend this one! If you ask me to compare it with Esqa’s lip gloss, I think both products are worth the price, so it’s up to you, really. You can choose between the colour, or maybe the brand you support more. I personally prefer BLP Spiced Masala slightly more than Esqa Jakarta. I found that Jakarta is a bit tricky on me. Is it because it has more of a pinkish tone? So I have to be careful choosing the blush to match it? I’m not sure. I also don’t really enjoy the scent of Esqa’s lip glosses, hehe. But, out of all of my glosses, Esqa Dubai is still my fave up until now.

S u i t a b l e   f o r
It’s very versatile! It suits everyone :)

P r o s
+ lightweight and not sticky at all
+ a local product
+ it’s opaque with a great pigmentation
+ doesn’t have a disturbing chemical scent

C o n s
- a bit pricey, but it’s worth it, though

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g

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