REVIEW Wardah Colorfit Ultralight Matte Lipstick • 03 Caramel Nude

by - March 20, 2020

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to buy this lipstick since the first time I saw it on one of the local cosmetic stores in my area posted it on their Shopee account. Back then, not a lot of people realise that this lipstick exists and I didn’t see any review of it. I decided not to buy that right away at that time because I had a LOT of lipsticks and I have trouble finishing them all. But, of course, there’s one point I give up (lol) and I ended up buying it. I chose the shade 03 Caramel Nude because I love nude lipsticks, and I’m on the hunt to get the perfect nude traditional bullet lipstick for my skin tone and so I can save some time applying my lipstick when I’m in hurry. Let’s see if this lipstick matches the criteria or not.

P r i c e
IDR43,000 for 3.6g.

P a c k a g i n g
A traditional bullet lipstick with a semi-transparent cap. The cap and the box colour match the shade colour.

C o v e r a g e ,  L o n g e v i t y  &  C o l o u r
The coverage of this product isn’t the fullest yet not very sheer. I’d say it has a sheer to medium coverage. You have to apply it multiple times to reach the actual colour, but it won’t cover the darkness of the lips. If you use lip balm before applying lipsticks, I suggest you wipe the remaining product on your lips to make the colour spreads easier. I even think it’s better to completely wipe the lip balm off so your lips aren’t ‘oily’ anymore before applying this lipstick. The longevity is the same as most bullet lipsticks, it will be gone once you have a meal.

I’d describe the colour as light peachy nude, which looks pretty pastel swatched on the hand. Used on a medium, almost light-medium skin tone like me the colour appears a bit lighter and I personally think it’s better as an ombré base, even though using only this shade looks great, too. The sheer to medium coverage makes this shade doesn’t give me a pale nor sick look because it blends with my natural lips colour. Would look even better if single-used with heavier eye makeup.

T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h
This lipstick reminds me of Maybelline Powder Mattes, only this one isn’t as mushy as the Maybelline ones. It’s a bit sturdier and not as smooth so it doesn’t break easily. The finish is matte, but don’t worry because it’s not dead matte! It doesn’t make my lips dry.

C l a i m s
Produces powdery matte results that are lightweight, smooth and able to maintain lip moisture • yes, I think it doesn’t make lips dry, but it doesn’t make the lips stay moisturised throughout the day
Suitable for daily use • yes

T h o u g h t s
This lipstick is lightweight, comfortable to use, and because it is a bullet lipstick so it’s easy to use. I agree that this lipstick is suitable for daily use. I personally don’t care if a lipstick doesn’t have the fullest coverage as long as it doesn’t get heavy or dries my lips if layered multiple times. This lipstick isn’t like that if layered, so I don’t make a fuss over the coverage. Please note that this coverage ‘problem’ only applies to the shade 03 Caramel Nude. I can’t claim that all shades in this line have the same ‘problem’ because I haven’t tried the other shades.

Unfortunately, this lipstick tends to get patchy if applied on ‘oily’ lips. What I mean by oily is if you use a lip balm before. You can spot the patchiness only if you see it from a very close distance and it won’t show if you see it from afar. You have to be careful when you roll your lips together. The lipstick might collect inside the lips and it takes away the coverage on the outline of the lips, and then you’ll end up with a patchy lip colour. I think it’s better to use this lipstick on not-oily but still well-moisturised lips (you know what I mean, right?).

Do I recommend this lipstick? Well, I’m not gonna lie and say it’s a must-have product. But, if you want to buy a lipstick and you’re on a budget, this is a good option. The available shades aren’t many, they only have 8. Those 8 shades are safe colours, so don’t worry. I think people with all skin tones can get at least one shade that will suit them. Oh, but I don’t really recommend this lipstick for people with dry to chapped lips. It doesn’t dry the lips, it’s true, but it doesn’t look very flattering on chapped lips because it might get crumbly.

I personally don’t make this lipstick as my top 5. Well, I think it’s okay since it’s very affordable and the colour looks pretty on me. But it doesn’t match the criteria as my go-to lipstick because I don’t think I want to use this when I’m in a hurry since it’s quite tricky to make it looks perfect.

S u i t a b l e   f o r
I recommend this shade for fair to light-medium skin tone people. It doesn’t mean people outside that skin tone range can’t rock this shade, though! I think this lipstick will suit people with ‘perfect’ lips the best. What I mean by perfect lips is not chapped and even-coloured lips. If you’re not one of them blessed chick (including me), as long as you’re not a perfectionist who wants a perfect and detailed makeup, the lipstick is worth to try.

P r o s
+ lightweight and comfortable to use
+ doesn’t dry my lips
+ a local product
+ very affordable

C o n s
- a bit tricky to use, especially if you use it after applying a lip balm or when your lips are chapped
- the coverage is quite sheer, so you have to apply it multiple times

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g

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