REVIEW Sugarpot Pure Honey Sugar Waxing Kit

by - March 15, 2020

As someone who wears sleeveless tops a lot, I have to take care of my underarms. I mean, I don’t want to wear a sleeveless top and showing a lot of hair! Although I support people who think underarms hair is normal, it’s just not my cup of tea to be confident showing it. That’s why I still trim my underarms hair regularly. I’ve tried many methods—I shave, thread, and wax. I prefer waxing the most, but most of the time I shave instead because I can do it at home and doesn’t cost much even though it’s tiring (you have to do it once every few days) and the newly grown hair is so NOT flattering to see. But nowadays, you can find so many home waxing kits that are produced by so many brands!

One of the many brands is Sugarpot. They sent me a home waxing kit and I’ve tried it. Besides the home waxing kit, they also sent me a soothing mist that can be used as waxing aftercare to soothe the skin. If you have the same problem as me such as too lazy to go to the salon to wax, unexpectedly need to trim underarms hair, or want to save some money, then please keep on reading!

IDR95,000 for Waxing Kit 250g and IDR65,000 for Soothing Mist 60ml.

In this waxing kit, you’ll get a gel wax, 12 washable fabric strips, 1 spatula, and an instruction. The gel wax is packaged in a plastic jar with a cap and an inner lid to keep the cap clean from the wax. The packaging is simple and easy to use. The instruction given is easy to read and understand, too. I personally like the designs of their products. For the soothing mist, it’s bottled in an opaque plastic bottle with a cap. The spritzer is fine and I don’t find any problem so far.

A flattering honey scent! I usually don’t like a honey scent, but this one doesn’t bother me.

The texture is very sticky (well, it’s wax). If the wax is in a colder condition, it tends to be harder to be stirred. I’ve confirmed to Sugarpot and they confirmed that you can soak the wax jar into hot water to melt it a little. Done it and it works, the wax is easier to stir, pick up, and spread!

Lift the hair to the roots, so that the regrowth is relatively long, which is 3 to 4 weeks ~ yes
The hair grows back smooth and not rough ~ yes
The skin feels smooth in one use ~ I didn’t notice

I think this product is a lifesaver! I’m so happy to find an easy to use home waxing kit. The question I got the most when I shared this product on my Instagram is: does it hurt? For me, a person with medium pain tolerance, it doesn’t hurt. I just can feel that something is pulling my skin, and that feeling lasts for like 1-2 seconds only. Yes, I get tense when I’m about to pull the fabric, haha! But remember that the faster and more sure you are when you pull it, the cleaner and easier it is. Plus, it makes the pain is less! I personally experienced more pain when the wax is spread onto the underarms hair. I think it’s because the product is so sticky that the hairs get pulled by it. Seriously, though, the pain is bearable so I don’t think you should worry about it a lot!

The result is satisfying. It’s very clean and fast. The new hairs grow after 2-3 weeks and will be long again after 1.5 months. I see that the newly grown hairs are softer/smoother, maybe because they’re new hairs. The number of hairs is about the same as before I waxed, but because the strands are softer, it looks like as if the number of hair is less. Now it’s just about your preference: to shave or to wax. If you ask me, I will always wax instead of shave from now on. The maintenance is easier and the only ‘sacrifice’ I need to do is to hold a little pain. It doesn’t cost much anyway.

The soothing mist helps to soothe the skin post-waxing. I don’t find any other benefit, so I personally think this soothing mist is optional. It’s good if you use it, but doesn’t matter if you don’t. If you have more sensitive skin, this product might works better on you.

Suitable for
Everyone! Except if you have a super sensitive skin, I think you should consult it first.

+ easy to use
+ only need to do it once a month
+ the result is satisfying, it’s very clean
+ affordable

- a little bit painful, but worth it

Overall rating

Product was gifted by the brand, but it doesn’t change my honest opinion about the product.

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