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I’m pretty sure I wrote this line every single time I write a perfume review, it is ‘I am a perfume lover. I love trying new perfumes.’ Unfortunately, popular brands perfumes are so expensive. So, to fulfil my need (want) to have a new perfume, I buy the affordable ones. Besides Miniso and Carl & Claire, I discovered another brand to be explored. It is HMNS, a local brand who produces perfume and sell them at reasonable prices. They don’t have many variants yet at the moment (I think they have six variants only), but I still think you should check them out.

A month ago, HMNS collaborated with Folkative to release new perfumes. There are two perfumes released, those are XX (for feminine) and XY (for masculine). This perfume set is included in their new series called the Y? Series. I bought both variants in the mini size just for trials. I’m pretty lucky to get this set because they sell only a limited amount, so we have to snatch it quickly. A unique marketing technique it is, makes people want to have it, haha. Anyway, I gave the XY variant to my boyfriend and keep the XX for myself. If you want to know more about the scents, please keep on reading!

P r i c e
IDR80,000 for 2x5ml.

P a c k a g i n g
The presentation is cool, though, they do it v seriously. Inside the box, besides the products, they have a side where they wrote down the concept of this series. Sadly, I personally think the box is a bit too big for these small products. I mean, as someone who loves good design and concept, I understand why they make the size that big, especially as this batch is the introduction batch for the Y? Series… but, still. There’s nothing revolutionary for the bottle used, but the minimalistic design makes these products look interesting and cool.

N o t e s
XX: berries, red rose, patchouli, amber, and tonka beans.
XY: Indonesian nutmeg, clary sage, rosemary, cedarwood, and vetiver.

S i l l a g e   &   L o n g e v i t y
Moderate sillage & long-lasting longevity.

T h o u g  h t s
XX has a very sweet scent, but not that sweet that it’ll give you a headache. But, yeah, it is very sweet. I think the most dominating sweet here is the tonka beans. Mixed with a rose scent at first, but as the rose disappears, it leaves to a sweet tonka beans-and-amber scent. I’m not a big fan of sweet scents, but I still can use this although it is not my first choice.

XY scent is a fresh and citrusy woody scent. Just like the typical guy spray deodorants but more potent yet not as stinging. I mean, when it first sprayed the scent won’t sting your nose, but the longevity is longer and the scent smells better and more subtle for the nose. The opening scent leans to the fresh citrusy scent, and the woody scent appears after a while. I can’t tell or describe much about this scent because I don’t usually explore the notes used in this variant, so.

These two perfumes from HMNS have great qualities, in my opinion. The scents delivered are strong and don’t evaporate much. I think it’s also because these variants have heavier type of notes. I don’t find these perfumes to be too strong that it’ll give you a headache, but people who are sensitive to a strong sweet scent might not like XX. If you ask me to pick one, I personally would pick XY. It’s just my preference, though!

Anyway, I think HMNS perfumes are pretty great! I hope HMNS team will produce more variants in the future. Do I recommend his? Remembering it’s an affordable perfume, has a long-lasting longevity, and it’s a local product… so, yes, I recommend this! Especially if you always want to try their products, then I think you should go for it.

P r o s
+ XY has a charismatic fresh and woody scent
+ strong scents
+ long-lasting
+ local product
+ affordable
+ a cool and well-prepared presentation

C o n s
- XX is a bit too sweet for my liking
- the box is too big for the small size products

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