REVIEW Emina Magic Potion NEW SHADE - 04 Sienna

by - March 26, 2020

My experience using lip tints can’t be described as a good one. Well, it’s not like I tried a lot of lip tints back then, but once I tried a lip tint, it must be a total disaster. It’s because the lip tint can’t stick onto my whole lips, it must be patchy and the tint clings on the inner part of my lips only. It looks messy and horrible! After years of banning lip tints for myself, I finally gave in and wanted to give another try. What triggered me to think so is because I read a lot of lip tints review (not that I wanted to) and I discovered that some newer lip tints are suitable even for lips like mine. And one of those lip tints is from Emina.

Just when I wanted to give it a shot, Emina released three new shades for their lip tints. It didn’t affect me much at first because I wanted to try the shade 02 Sunglow. When I swatched that shade at a drugstore, my boyfie said he doesn’t like it, so I changed my mind, LOL. Long story short, I decided to try 04 Sienna instead! Does it work successfully on me?

P r i c e
IDR46,000 for 5.5ml.

W h e r e   t o   b u y

Brand official websiteShopee**, Tokopedia**, SociollaLazada**, JD.IDBlibli.

Drugstore, minimarket, supermarket.

P a c k a g i n g
The design of this product (and most of Emina products, actually) has a youthful and teenager vibe a lot. The bottle is clear and made of plastic and it uses a normal size doe-foot wand.

C o v e r a g e ,  C o l o u r  &  L o n g e v i t y
I described the colour like a deep wine red. Used on the lips, the colour doesn’t appear as dark as it swatched on hand. As a lip tint, this product can cover the whole lips and doesn’t stick just on the middle of the lips, ONLY if you don’t blend it right away. The longevity is pretty good, but it starts to disappear if you have a heavy, greasy/oily meal. It leaves a bit of tint left, though. Since the first-applied or the actual colour is quite bold, the tint left later on is still visible.
T e x t u r e  &  F i n i s h
It’s watery and the finish is kinda glossy. Once you have a meal or drink and it starts to fade, it appears matte afterwards.

C l a i m s
It has a light texture so it feels like you don’t wear anything, and is watery so that it feels fresh when smeared • yes
The formula is long-lasting, transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and easy to apply • kind of
Gives a soft sensation to the lips • umm… no?

T h o u g h t s
Oh wow, this is the first time I can use a lip tint, haha! This product sticks on my whole lips with notes that I don’t blend it right away and I don’t roll my lips together. This shade is very bold, so as a #teamNude, of course, I don’t feel comfortable applying this on my whole lips. I usually use it in the middle of the lips, and then I blend it carefully once the lip tint starts to set. Yup, I personally think using a cotton bud would make the application neater. If the product is still wet and I blend it, it gets patchy just like other typical lip tints. And even when it already set I have to be suuuper careful blending it. I’ve tried blending it using my finger but it didn’t work. I mean, it worked, it just didn’t look neat and pretty. It’s such a shame to know that I need to use cotton buds to make it pretty because it means I contribute more trash now :(

This lip tint is so good. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and doesn’t dry out my lips. Unfortunately, there are some cons from me, one of them is the colour. I still can use this shade, but sometimes I don’t feel confident in it even when I already make it ombré. It’s disappointing since, as you can see from the picture that I attached, the colour is actually so cute. Another con from me is it’s too inconvenient to use. It takes a bit too much time just to blend it. But, remember that it depends on your colour preference and your lips condition. It’d be much easier if your lips are the easy-to-put-on-lip-tints kind of lips. If you’re that person, I actually recommend this lip tint a lot!

S u i t a b l e   f o r
This lip tint from Emina is suitable for people who have the same trouble as me, it’s if lip tints can’t stick onto your lips. This shade specifically is suitable for people with lighter skin tone such as fair to light-medium, I think. It doesn’t mean if you’re not in those skin tone this lip tint won’t suit you, though!

P r o s
+ can stick on the whole lips
+ the colour is so cute
+ a local product
+ very affordable
+ even though it’s not that transfer-proof, the tint left from this lip tint is very pretty

C o n s
- the colour doesn’t suit me, I think it’s a bit too bold
- takes some time to blend

O v e r a l l   r a t i n g


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