REVIEW Bali Alus Face and Body Mask - Green Tea

by - February 29, 2020

Every time I come back to my hometown Bali, I always have the urge to check out some local skincare products in the nearest drugstore… even though they’re available at e-commerce already. There’s a spark every time I see browse the products in real life, and it makes me more impulsive than I already am. And that, my friend, is the reason why I bought this product. I don’t need any more face mask and I never really put this mask in my wish list, but I impulsively bought it anyway. It is Bali Alus Face and Body Mask in the variant Green Tea. I’ve tried the milk variant back then, and, if I’m not mistaken, I don’t really fancy that one. I don’t like the scent and I think it’s drying. Let’s hope this variant works better on my skin!

IDR27,000 - 29,000 for 100g.

Packed in plastic packaging. It’s pretty hard to describe the shape of the packaging, hehe. The point is I think this packaging is actually pretty good because it’s efficiently packed for that much amount. But I think it’s better to move the whole product and put it into a container because it’ll be a hot mess if you still keep it in the plastic packaging.

It has a mint scent, I don’t spot any green tea scent at all.

We can create the consistency we prefer when we use powder masks. I personally prefer runny instead of thick texture for this mask. It contains little scrub particles that aren’t that harsh, but the amount is a LOT. Because this wash-off facial mask contains kaolin clay, so it’ll be dry as the usual clay mask.

Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract, Vigna Radiata (Mung Bean) Seed Extract, Kaolin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract

Great IngredientComedogenic / Fungal Acne TriggerBe Aware

Contains antioxidant which is good for removing dark spots ~ can’t tell, but it is true that it contains antioxidants
Revitalizing ~ yes
Brightens the skin ~ can’t tell
Maintain healthy skin ~ yes

I had no expectation at this product at first. When I first tried it, I was pretty amazed that this face mask is great! I first tried it when my skin had some bumpy textures, I think it was caused by my bad double cleansing routine at that time. And when I washed the mask off, I noticed that my face texture got better and the redness was reduced. It makes sense, though, that this mask can help with the textures because it contains kaolin and scrubs. What amazed me is its ability to reduce the redness on my skin, even though the effect is temporary. Another plus point is this mask doesn’t make my skin feels dry and tight once it’s washed off. I also feel that doing the rest of my skincare routine feels better and easier after using this product.

The scent confused me for a while because it smells like mint instead of green tea. I don’t even think it has any green tea scent at all! It kinda made me thought this mask might be similar to Lush Mask of Magnaminty because of the scent, the colour, and the scrubs. I can’t confirm it, though, because I never tried the Lush one before.

This variant, compared to the milk variant, is so good and comfortable to use because it doesn’t get crusty once the mask dries. Even though so, please beware that this mask might be a little bit stinging at your face’s sensitive or over-exfoliated area. I experienced it stung the area above my lips, which is one of my most sensitive area and on my cheekbones area. Don’t be afraid, because it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t last long! It doesn’t really bother me, but I just think it’s better if you’re aware of that if you decide to try this mask.

As I already mentioned above, there are a lot of little scrub particles in this mask. The scrub itself isn’t that harsh, even for me who don’t like a physical exfoliator. It feels kinda harsh because there are so many of it in one serving! I have to do some tricks to deal with it, such as use a lot amount of water and not rubbing my face too hard when I wash the mask off. In fact, I make sure my hands are ‘floating’ when I wash the mask off.

The ingredients used in this mask are all ‘natural.’ After had a little research on these ingredients, I found that they have amazing benefits! I love that these ingredients mainly work as antioxidants. Also, green tea seed extract, which placed first in the ingredients list, is a humectant. I guess that’s why this mask isn’t that drying. Mung bean is also a great ingredient, as it can act as an anti-inflammatory agent (CMIIW).

This means the claim that this mask can revitalise the skin is true. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the progress of this mask to help to remove dark spots. It might happen if I use the mask more often, maybe. For the claim to brighten the face, hmm… I don’t know if this mask can actually do that, because, from what I read, these ingredients don’t really work to do that. If I had to think positively about the claim, I’d say the antioxidants from this mask can make the skin looks less dull, which leads to a brighter face :D

+ helps smoothen textures on the face
+ interesting ingredients and they’re full of antioxidants
+ doesn’t strip the face
+ temporarily reduces redness
+ local product
+ rest of the skincare becomes more comfortable and easier to use
+ affordable
+ travel-friendly. You can put it in a small container and don’t have to worry it will take much space or leak

- a lot amount of scrub can possibly make it kinda harsh, especially if you don’t wash it off gently
- powder kind of mask can be such a hassle because you have to mix it with water and make sure the consistency is perfect. But, well, it’s just my preference

Overall rating


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