New (but old) Lipsticks! —NYX, Wet n Wild, Wardah MINI REVIEW & SWATCHES

by - February 17, 2020

Honestly, I tried to avoid myself from buying new lip products because I still have a lot! Well, some of them I don’t really use anymore because they don’t suit me good. Still, it is not a reason to buy another one. Sometimes it ticks me off whenever I have that strong urge to buy a lip cream, or a lipstick, lip tint.. You know that feeling, don’t you? The feeling of trying out a new product, moreover if the new product is lipstick! Fortunately, one day when my sister was decluttering her stuff, she decided to give me some of her unused but still good lipsticks. Yay! Even though these products aren’t new, and I, of course, can’t pick the colour I want, but it feels good to have new lipsticks to play with!

I’m not going to talk very detailedly about it, I’ll stick to the shade description and how it wears. I also have a picture of the swatches, so, stay tuned!

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - French Maid
Colour: dark mauve with a hint of pink that if I use it full lips make me look mean and a little bit like a witch, hahaha.
The texture is light and a little bit oily—in a good way—so it’s easy to spread. A little bit sticky before it perfectly sets, but it doesn’t matter to me. It’s transfer-proof once it sets, but don’t expect it to stay put after you go through oily foods. Bummer that I don’t feel confident in this shade although it looks pretty good on me and the scent is v chemically. Other than those, this lip cream is good and the colour options are interesting. I prolly think so because most of them are nude, hahaha.

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit - Give Me Mocha
Warna: medium reddish-brown. This colour looks soo pretty on my skin tone. A little bold but not too much.
If you too have Liquid Catsuit, is the texture usually this thin/runny? The texture is light or pretty runny, the coverage is medium to high, it feels veeery lightweight and this shade blends really nicely with my lips so it looks natural. A little bit sticky before it sets but it doesn’t bother at all. It doesn’t collect or get patchy and doesn’t dry my lips, I love it! Makes me want to try another shade~

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - London
Warna: light-medium beige. A perfect one as an ombré base!
I used to have this lip cream with the exact same shade. My skin tone was darker then than now, I couldn’t use this shade single without making me look pale. Had to do an ombré lip with this one. Now that my skin gets lighter, and I use full-face makeup more often, this colour suits pretty well on me, even single-used. I surprisingly still prefer using this by doing ombré lips. The Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit in the shade Give Me Mocha that my sister gave me actually is a perfect match with this NYX London to make a beautiful ombré lips! Anyway, this product I got from my sis feels a little bit more liquidy than the one I used to have (as far as I remember). Is it because this one is open long enough? I don’t know. But it hasn’t expired yet, so do not worry! The staying power is so-so. It makes sense because this is a creamy, comfortable type of lip cream. I usually prefer this kind of lip cream, tbh.

Purbasari Matte Lipstick - 81 Diamond
Warna: medium brick-brown. A safe colour for all skin tone.
I also used to have this lipstick with the same shade. Sometimes it feels a bit dry but comfortable enough to be used daily. Unfortunately, the packaging kinda sucks. It’s easily broken. One time my lipstick broke inside the packaging, and another time the tube stuck.

Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick - 04 Mauve Mellow
Warna: brownish-mauve. MLBB. A little more muted, though.
Ah, it’s such an unfortunate as I received this lipstick in a poor condition—became very creamy and ‘mushy’ because my little baby niece played around with it—so what I’m about to write might be kinda irrelevant. It’s still usable, it just got very creamy in this condition. Feels light on the lips, a little heavy if layered too many times. Never experienced it collect a lot so far, I just noticed sometimes it collects at the inside area of my lips. The staying power is just the same as other traditional lipsticks, it absolutely is gone and transfer after you go through meals. I like this every time I’m in a rush!

Well, it’s not much, but I hope this post helps!

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