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by - January 15, 2020

Hi everyone, how you doin’? This is my first makeup post in 2020, and I’m going to review a product that I impulsively bought at the 12.12 big sale, haha. It is Rollover Reaction Haloblush in the shade Chai. I currently don’t need a cream blush. I don’t want it that much either. Well, I had thought of buying a cream blush a few times, but I haven’t decided which one to buy. And last month, at the 12.12 big sale event, I saw Rollover Reaction had a big sale, so I wanted to shop something from this brand! I browsed through their products, and I suddenly remembered that ka Gyanda loves the Haloblush, more specifically in the shade Chai. And that’s how I bought this product, lol. So, if you’ve been curious about this product, keep on reading to know my thoughts about it :)

IDR139,000 for 5.3g.

A plain, black stick-tube a la Rollover Reaction. It's easier to be applied because it comes in a tube, you just have to swipe the product onto the face. The size is small, and the box colour matches the shade colour.

Officially, it’s described as rosewood brown. I agree because this shade has a reddish, orangey-brown colour. I’d describe it as a light-medium terracotta, but the brown tone is stronger.

The texture of this cream blush is very easy to blend, and the consistency is just right—not too soft/mushy nor hard. The pigmentation, in my opinion, is also right for a blush. The colour is there but isn’t too saturated or vibrant when it’s blended. The finish of this product is natural velvet matte finish.

It stays quite a long time. It stays for around 6 hours, but note that it shouldn’t be rubbed throughout the day. This is a duration for this product when it set with powder.

Can be used as a blush or bronzer ~ never used it as a bronzer. I think it’s too “red” to be used as a bronzer on my skin tone
Cream to powder formula to give you that perfect pop of color on the cheeks
The weightless velvet texture brings your cheek a velvety matte, naturally-blushed finish ~ yes
Mistake-proof color ~ yes
Quick and easy to apply ~ yes

I’m so happy this impulsively bought product is not a fail! I love the finish and the colour of this shade on my skin tone, it looks very natural. The texture and the blend-ability are great, it never appears patchy nor blotchy even on top of the foundation. Of course, the colour becomes sheerer after I set it with powder, but it’s still there and not completely gone. I can’t tell how it performs on top of powder because I haven’t tried it yet. If one day I decide to do that experiment, I’ll update the result on my Instagram story. Don’t forget to follow my account there!

So far, I prefer to blend this product using my fingers by doing the tap-tap motion instead of using makeup tools such as a beauty sponge or a brush. Don’t blend it for too long, though, so the colour doesn’t fully blend with the skin and makes the colour gone. I suggest that because it happened to me before. Well, I think the reason it happened is that the colour of this shade isn’t that different from my medium skin tone. People with much lighter skin tone won’t deal with this problem, I believe. For lighter skin tone people, the more you blend this product on you, the sheerer or more natural it looks but the colour won’t vanish.

My experience with cream blushes isn’t many, so I can’t compare this one with many others. The only cream blush I’ve ever tried besides this one is the one from another local brand, but way more affordable. If I had to compare them, I’d say I personally prefer the Rollover Reaction cream blush because of the texture. The runny, watery texture of the other brand’s cream blush is quite tricky for me, I find it quite difficult to work with. Unfortunately, the price gap between these products is pretty big, especially with the fact that the cheaper one consists twice the amount of the more expensive one. For my current financial condition, this price gap matters a lot, haha. I’ll try other cream blushes that are more affordable after I finish this one.

+ very beautiful and versatile colour on every skin tone
+ blend-able
+ stays put for quite a long time
+ local product
+ a minimalist but pleasing and practical packaging

- kind of pricey for that little amount of product

Overall rating

Even though I could compare it to only another product, I genuinely know that this product is actually excellent for the colour and the texture & formula. If you had the budget and been eyeing this product for so long, or if you never had any interest in this one but love to wear makeup, I recommend this product for you to try!

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