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by - January 05, 2020

After using a ‘meh’ quality beauty sponge or a brush to apply my foundation and/or concealer, I finally decided to buy an ‘actual’ beauty sponge, lol. This isn’t my first time using a real beauty sponge, though. I’ve had one from Real Techniques back then, but it’s been way too long to remember how it performs so I can’t compare my new sponge to it. This review is going to be a little bit shorter than usual because of that, sorry!

There are so many options for affordable beauty sponges, but I picked Karis Expert Multi Blender for now. I’ve seen so many great reviews about this product. It also reviewed by ka Andien on one of Female Daily video on their YouTube channel, makes me want to try it even more. You really want to know how it performs too, don’t you?


It uses a clear plastic box as the packaging. I use the box to store the sponge on it.

The colour of the sponge is grey. It has a teardrop shape or rounded on the lower part (egg-shaped). The upper part is pointy with two flat sides. One of those two flat sides is bigger than the other. I usually use the bigger flat side to blend my foundation and use the smaller one to blend my concealer. This sponge expands quite significantly when damp.

KARIS Expert Multi Blender is a multi-purpose latex-free professional makeup sponge
With two flat sides for easy blending all over your face ~ yes
We use the highest quality material for flawless result and smooth texture ~ yes

When I first tried blending my foundation using this sponge, I regret it right away. I regret that I didn’t invest my money to buy great quality beauty sponges! It gives a great and very smooth result, it makes complexion products easier to be blended in a short amount of time. But, well, it’s a sponge so of course, it takes away some coverage from the product. Fortunately, it doesn’t drastically take away the coverage. For people like me who has troubles with hyperpigmentation and dark under eyes area, it still means a lot, though.

This sponge is so bouncy! Even before I soak it in water, I can already feel it’s very light and squishy. I don’t feel tired of blending my foundation when I use this sponge. Yes, I’ve tried blending my foundation using a denser sponge and it made my arm and face tired, lol. I also think this sponge is durable, because, so far, my long nails haven’t accidentally torn it (long-nails-team can relate). It doesn’t need much effort to clean it because it doesn’t absorb much product. If I compare this sponge to the one I used before (the ‘meh’ one), this one is wayyy better. Surprisingly, the price gap between those two isn’t that big!

At this price point, which is very affordable, and as a local brand (if I’m not mistaken), I very recommend you to try this sponge!

+ gives a flawless, soft, and even result
+ light and bouncy
+ doesn’t make your arm tired from blending (lol)
+ it’s durable and the shape is practical
+ doesn’t absorb a lot of product
+ easy to clean
+ local product
+ affordable

- this is a common con for a sponge, it takes away some coverage. Fortunately, it doesn’t take away that much coverage

Overall rating

Even though I can’t compare this sponge to other great quality beauty sponges, but I can tell that this product is excellent! I think you should try it :)

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