REVIEW Studio Tropik Dream Setter BB Size

by - December 01, 2019

I’ve been curious and always wanted to try Studio Tropik’s products, even before they become one of the must-have like now. Sadly, I always forgot to buy one or sometimes I feel like “I don’t really need it right now,” until suddenly, they came out with a new product. Their newest product is a setting spray, meanwhile, the older products were priming water. Then, I had a chance to visit their pop-up store in a local event at my region, which means I can buy their products on-site (which then means I don’t have to pay for the delivery fee), so I decided to actually buy at least one out of the four variants available. The luck must be on my side, because the day of the event, they launched the BB size of their newest product, the Dream Setter setting spray! I picked that one right away, of course. So, yeah, after trying it out several times in different situations, I think it’s safe to write my thoughts about it. Let’s get into it!

IDR59,000 for 30ml.

Small size, made from plastic (it’s lightweight), and it has a cap so it’s travel-friendly. The spritzer shocks me a little every time I spray it to my face, but the liquid distributes quite evenly and it’s pretty smooth, too.

A subtle citrus-y fresh scent.

The finish is not matte nor dewy. I feel like the finish leans more to the satin finish, makes the skin looks healthy. I read some reviews saying that the finish of this setting spray matches the complexion finish, but for me, personally, I don’t think so. Because when I use a matte complexion, it still becomes a satin finish.

Helps makeup last longer and doesn’t fade easily throughout the day for up to 16 hours ~ nope
Contains Plant Cell extract from the Marrubium vulgare plant which can protect the skin from the pollution of dust, smoke, and dirt particles ~ maybe, but it’s kinda hard to tell because we can’t actually see it
Micro Mist Technology: uses a new sprayer that produces finer granules so that the application of products on the face is more evenly distributed ~ yes, but I can’t compare it to their older version of spritzer because I haven’t tried the older one

Uhh, I have mixed feelings right now as I’m writing this review, because… I don’t think this product works for me *sob.* I’ve tried it multiple times with different complexions and different finishes, different products, use just a little of it or even drenched my face with it, and on different conditions, too. And the result is always the same, I don’t think it significantly makes my makeup stays longer. I mean, yes, it makes my makeup kinda stays in place, but I’m not saying it’s locked, you know what I mean? If I use blush on powders as the parameter, then I think this product doesn’t work at all because the colour of the blush on still fades away by the end of the day. This setting spray also doesn’t help much at controlling my oil production (well, they never claimed it to be oil controlling).

There was a point where I thought, is it just me who can’t tell the difference? Why can’t I see it working as every other people say? But, no, the fact is this product doesn’t work maximally on my skin, even if I do it just like the step-by-step. But… it could seem like it doesn’t work because I have a way too high expectation on this. Yes, I have a high expectation because the claim says it stays up to 16 hours. Please remember that every skin’s different, so if it doesn’t work on me, doesn’t mean it’d absolutely do the same on your skin. Maybe there are some tips & tricks to use this product? If there’s one, please share it to me!

+ the size is smaller and the price is more affordable, it suits people who want to try it before settling down or people who want to travel
+ local product
+ satin finish, makes the skin looks healthy
+ contains anti-pollutant, very suitable for people in big cities

- doesn’t work significantly on making the makeup stays longer
- even though they never claimed it, but I kinda disappointed that this product can’t help my skin control the oil production throughout the day

Overall rating

For you guys who have tried the Dream Setter, does it work on you? And, if you’ve ever tried the Dream Setter and the priming water, which one do you think works better? Share it on the comment box below!

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