REVIEW BLP Beauty Face Powder - Medium Beige

by - December 28, 2019

’Tis the season—it’s the holiday season! One of the many reasons that make me excited about this time of the year is the big sale nearly every brands have, including beauty related brands! O yes, I can’t resist the discounts… So I bought some stuff, and one of them is Face Powder by BLP Beauty in the shade Medium Beige. I’m so happy I could get this product 30% off the normal price. I consider it a great deal because BLP Beauty doesn’t usually throw a big sale like that. I’ve been curious about this one ever since, and it happened to be the winner of Female Daily Best of Beauty Awards for the best face powder for two years in a row. Also, I read only good things about it on every review I accidentally saw one on my Instagram or FD App timeline. Finally, my time has come, and now it is my turn to review this product!

IDR149,000 for 10g.

It has the most aesthetic and practical loose powder packaging I've ever seen! It's in nude colour, comes with a soft, fluffy puff, and there's also a lid where you can put it. This way you don't have to worry your puff will be packed with an excessive amount of powder when you open it. There is another lid below, and that one has a mesh as an access for the powder to come out. I think it's genius because I've never seen anything like this before!

As you can see in the name, the colour of this powder is medium beige. This powder has a warm undertone. The colour is a bit darker than my skin tone, but it doesn’t matter because it has sheer coverage. Note that it can leave a tint if you use a lot, though.

Texture & finish
It has a very fine, smooth texture. The finish of this product is matte, but it doesn’t make my skin looks like the Sahara desert.

In darker beige tones, it suits medium to dark skin tone at ease, making your complexion more even and refreshed ~ yes

DISCLAIMER: I tried this powder on foundations or cushions and never tried it on my bare face.

This product is a bomb! Wow, I didn’t expect it to be this good. It makes my skin look flawless! It blurs the appearance of my pores and makes my skin look healthier and more even out. The flawless effect lasts quite a long time. Let’s say, even 6 hours long is still safe.
It gives a matte finish, but the oil-control isn’t that reliable because I still get oily by the end of the day. It’s nothing crazy, though. I think it’s still okay so it doesn’t bother me much as long as it makes my skin looks great. I usually use a tissue to blot my face when it starts to get oily, and the powder doesn't collect when I do it. Oh, since it doesn't make the face looks dry, I think people with dry skin can use this powder too.

Another plus point is, as you already read above, the packaging! Besides it being practical, it also has a puff that you can actually use because it’s soft and fluffy. From my experiences, I can tell that the puff works best if you want to heavily set your makeup/face and better use a brush to do it lightly. Both ways will give the same flawless effect. Please note that if you heavily set your face, even though this product doesn’t give much coverage, it will give a tint. Well, at least that's what happened on my face. I know some people say this powder doesn’t change their complexion colour, but on me personally, it changes my complexion colour just a little. Maybe that’s because this shade is a bit darker than my skin tone. Not a big problem for me because it doesn’t drastically change my complexion colour.

Anyway, my conclusion is I really recommend it and I think you should try it!

+ makes your skin look flawless
+ blurs the appearance of pores
+ stays on quite a long time
+ the most genius packaging evurrr! It’s pretty, practical, not messy, and travel-friendly
+ local product
+ comes with a useful, good quality puff

- available in two shades only. It’s not a big problem for a sheer-coverage powder, though
- a so-so oil control ability, nothing revolutionary
- a little bit pricey, but for this quality, I’m not complaining

Overall rating

Isn’t it exciting when you read a very great review of a product and turned out the product is local? Doesn’t it make you feel like buying it right away? Lol. By the way, if you live in Yogyakarta, BLP Beauty just opened a BLP Beauty Space in Jalan Cendrawasih. I think you should pay a visit!

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