REVIEW Purbasari Face Powder Daily Series - 02 Kuning Langsat

by - November 07, 2019

Purbasari. If you asked me to try their makeup a few years ago, maybe I’d thought it wouldn’t be so exciting, until they came out with their infamous matte lipsticks. From that point, I think this brand has developed a lot until now there are so many beauty enthusiasts that are interested in trying their products. I’m one of many people who are persuaded to try some of their products when I saw beauty vloggers talking about them. Back then, I bought their only 9 thou rupiah foundation because Suhay Salim (or Tasya Farasya) said it’s great for the price. Then, I wanted to try their loose powder in the shade 02 Kuning Langsat because the pigment is actually yellow. I just realised recently that using warm undertoned complexion products is the way to make my makeup looks natural because it matches my body undertone. Even though I didn’t make a special effort to get that product, I finally found it, and of course, I bought it right away. So, let’s jump into the review, shall we?

Around IDR20,000, it discounted to IDR17,000 when I bought it, for 30gr.

To be honest, I think the packaging is so old-school. It’s white with pink flowers. It comes with a pretty stiff puff, I can’t tell if I like or don’t like it. I think it’s just okay.

This shade 02 Kuning Langsat is literally yellow. I don’t find any problem when I use it thinly because the coverage is sheer, but if I use it a little bit too much, it makes my skin looks dull.

Texture & finish
The texture is smooth with a matte finish. Sheer coverage. It looks nice on a bare face, isn’t the best on makeup.

Perfecting the foundation ~ maybe?
Gives a natural finish ~ not really

Ah, I want to say sorry before because I’m going to be straight to the point. I don’t like this powder. As someone who wears makeup nearly every day (or every time I’m going out), I feel like this powder makes my makeup looks cakey, it collects, and if I use it a little bit too much, it makes my skin looks dull. I’ve tried multiple ways to use this product; I use my big, fluffy brush; my more precise and not as fluffy brush (usually I use it for my undereye); and the puff that comes with the product. Until now, I like using puff the most. I pick the product on the puff and smeared it all over the puff, and I ‘flick’ the excess product. Does it make sense? Lol. I learnt it from Wayne Goss, maybe you can check his YouTube channel if you want to learn more about makeup techniques.

Anyway, even though I kinda like it when it first applied, unfortunately, it still doesn’t look good by the end of the day. I’m not saying this is a bad product, it just doesn’t work well on my skin type and on makeup. Well, I’ve also tried it on my bare face, but only for a couple hours, and the finish is better and doesn’t look cakey on the bare face. I think the product is just okay and nothing’s special about it, except for the very affordable price.

+ the colour if yellow, I think it suits most Indonesian people’s undertone
+ local product
+ affordable
+ comes with a quite useful puff

- looks cakey and collects on makeup
- not so cute packaging

Overall rating

Have you ever tried any Purbasari products? If yes, which one you recommend?

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