REVIEW L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer - 311 Cashew

by - November 20, 2019

Hi all, I’m back after being away for some time! For today’s article, I want to review a drugstore concealer, it’s L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer, and I’m in the shade 311 Cashew. I’ve wanted to buy this product since I saw Sara Robert uploaded Instagram stories about this when she bought it in the USA. I also remember that she said L’Oreal Indonesia was going to launch this product in Indonesia, too, and I couldn’t wait! After a few weeks, I finally saw this product at an online shop in Shopee (yes, I dedicatedly check out some new stuff through that online shop every once in a while, lol), and no one was talking about that product yet at that time. Unfortunately, I was short on money to spend on some ‘not-so-important’ product, so I couldn’t buy it right away, haha. But, well, long story short, I still couldn’t resist the urge to NOT buying this concealer. So, when I saw a decent discount, I had to check out my cart. After trying it for a few weeks, I finally write this review. Keep on reading to know my thoughts about it!

IDR150,000 for 10ml.

Where to buy
Shopee**, Tokopedia**, SociollaLazada**, JD.IDBlibli.

Drugstore, department store.

The packaging is similar to other concealers, it’s a cylinder tube with a humongous doe foot applicator. Because of the size of the applicator, I usually apply the products by dotting it on the needed area. I can’t swipe it on my face because it’d be too much. Oh, when you open it, the wand and the cap are going to bounce, so you have to do it slowly and carefully because the liquid will ‘squirt’ everywhere if you do it too fast.

High to full coverage! A little goes a longgg way.

Texture & Finish
The texture is liquid and a little bit creamy, the blend-ability is awesome (as long as you prep your face, I’m going to explain it at the ‘result’ section). The finish isn’t dead matte, in fact, it’s a satin finish. If you put it on some glowing finish skincare, this concealer is going to help you cover some imperfections but won’t take away the glow.

High coverage concealer ~ yes!
Long-lasting results with a waterproof formula, won’t wear off all day long ~ yes and I don’t know, I don’t think I ever test it with water, but it stays pretty well when I’m sweating, though.
Able to disguise acne scars 3x better ~ I can’t tell, because it’s better than what? But I gotta say that out of all concealers I’ve ever tried, this one has the highest coverage, so it easily covers acne scars.
Provides a matte finish that looks natural all day long ~ no and yes, I think the finish on my skin leans more to a satin finish, but if you don’t prep the face well, it gives a quite matte look.

I didn’t regret that Sara Robert made me buy it, haha. I love this concealer! I love that the coverage is very high (I need high coverage concealers ok, because of hyperpigmentation and scary, dark under eyes) yet very easy to blend. This shade is a perfect match to my warm medium skin, too. This concealer doesn’t enhance the textures, and it doesn’t crease that much on my under eyes (it’s impossible to make my under eyes don’t crease at all). The finish is so pretty and looks natural, but, keep in mind that it has to be well-prepped. There was one day when I wanted to redo my makeup, so I wiped my makeup using micellar water, and I didn’t apply any skincare afterwards. You know what happened then? It looks heavy and quite matte, oh, I look weird! I mean, I know some other concealers that can be used in that kind of condition, but the coverage isn’t comparable to this concealer, though. So yeah, I conclude that this concealer is going to work better on a well-prepped face, and if you want to touch up your makeup, I think it’s a better idea to use some lighter concealers. Or maybe you can use this concealer, but use a face mist beforehand.

+ High to full coverage, able to cover hyperpigmentation and dark under eyes well
+ Easy to blend and lightweight
+ Satin finish, it looks natural and not heavy
+ A little goes a long way
+ Which means the product won’t run out soon (you can use it up to two to three months, maybe?)
+ Stays on the face for quite a long time, even when you’re sweaty
+ Affordable

- A little tricky application, if you use it too much or if you don’t moisturise your face well enough, it could make your makeup look heavy and dry
- The bouncy packaging makes it hard for you to use it cleanly when in rush

Overall rating

With every detail that I discussed above, I think this product is very recommended! If you need a high to full coverage concealer but (at the moment) can’t afford Tarte Shape Tape, you should try this one!

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