REVIEW Rollover Reaction Tinted Moisturizer Cushion Compact - 102 Honey Toast

by - October 22, 2019

I always wanted to try this cushion, but when this product released, I still had a lot of base makeup (foundations) at that time. Besides that, I also think the price is actually… well, it’s not expensive, but I can’t say it’s affordable either. I finally finished or sold some of my base makeup, so now, my collection isn’t as big. So when Rollover Reaction opened a pop-up store in an event in my current city, without any doubt, I went to their pop up store and bought this cushion! I was also excited to meet one of Rollover Reaction’s founder, kak Dinar Amanda because she’s my #womenCrush since I saw her on one of Female Daily’s video.

This cushion is a tinted moisturiser, which theoretically means you gotta expect the coverage to be sheer to medium coverage, with dewy to satin finish, and it’s supposed to look just like your skin. This cushion is available in three shades. I bought the shade 102 Honey Toast because it’s medium tone with a very yellow undertone. I’m so excited to review this one! I’m excited to find out if this cushion can match my face undertone, which leans more to a neutral undertone, with my body undertone, which has a very yellow undertone. Let’s see!

IDR195,000 for 15g.

The packaging is so pretty! It’s a little bulky, but I don’t mind at all. The colour is light coral, maybe? I’m not really good at describing colours, lol. It has a very clear mirror. The puff is black, so you can easily see if there’s any product left on the puff. It also doesn’t absorb a lot of product, I like it!

Even though it’s a tinted moisturiser, but the coverage of this product is actually kinda great! I’d say it’s medium coverage, buildable to high coverage.

The finish of this tinted moisturiser cushion is not overly dewy, it looks just like healthy, glowing skin. I think it has the perfect finish. It also doesn’t transfer as much as I thought it’d be. I prefer using this cushion without setting my face with powder, except at certain areas like the under eyes and t-zone.

It doesn’t have any scent.

Breathable ~ yes
Lightweight formula ~ yes
Buildable coverage ~ yes.
Naturally radiant, satin-looking finish that conceals imperfections and evens out skin tone ~ yes
102 Honey Toast is specifically for those who have medium skin tone with yellow undertone ~ yes

I.Love. This. Cushion!!! I love it so much! I think it’s my first time using a base that doesn’t crack, patchy, nor collects on my acne scars area. It looks just like skin, doesn’t look heavy at all, and it doesn’t feel heavy as well. It’s as light as your natural skin as long as you don’t powder your face too much.

The skin looks well-hydrated when using this, so it makes the textures on your face look more subtle or not as prominent. Sadly, it doesn’t affect or blur the pores. It has medium coverage, so I don’t think it’s able to cover a very dark hyperpigmentation spot, but I don’t mind. It also stays throughout the day!

As I said in the beginning, it is a very yellow base. And, yes, it’s able to match my face undertone with my body undertone. After using it for a day (around 12 hours), of course, it makes my skin oily, but keep in mind that even if I use a matte foundation, my skin will still be oily after that many hours. But, this cushion doesn’t make my skin looks oily in a bad way. In fact, it just makes my skin looks glowing and healthy. Sounds too good to be true, eh, but the fact is this product is actually that good!

+ Not patchy, cracks, nor collects, even on acne scars area
+ 100% skin-like
+ The colour is very yellow, it matches my body undertone
+ The packaging is so pretty!
+ Satin finish, after hours using it, it looks glowing without making my face looks greasy
+ Local product

- The price, but for this excellent result, I think it’s worth the price
- I don’t think it’s a con, but I think you can’t use much powder when using this product

Overall rating

Oh, this cushion also contains SPF, but I don’t mention it earlier because, tbh, I don’t really care with SPF in makeup. It’s just a preference, though. Have you guys tried this cushion? If you’ve tried it, do you agree with my review?

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