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by - September 15, 2019

Eyebrow products are essential to most of us, am I right? I’ve found my holy grail eyebrow products, but I love trying out new products, so I don’t stop there. Recently, I saw Vinna Gracia, a beautiful and talented Indonesian makeup artist and beauty vlogger & influencer had a collaboration with Jacquelle, a local cosmetics brand. They launched a two-in-one eyebrow and eyeliner product called Eyessential Pen. I am interested in getting one because I always admire Vinna's works, so I believe in her product. Also, they sell it only for IDR99,000, which is a great deal considering you get two items at once.

There are three shades for the Eyessential Pen: brown, medium brown, and dark brown, mine is in the shade medium brown.

IDR99,000, you can get it at Jacquelle’s official store at e-commerce. I got mine from Jacquelle’s official store at Shopee.

The packaging is very pretty! The pen is in a nude colour with a matte finish. The writings are in silver colour, but unfortunately, it fades quickly. The writings on my pen were completely faded on the fifth or sixth day, lol. It’s not a big deal for me, but it’d be better if it could last longer. Also, almost every time I open the eyeliner cap I get a little (sometimes a big one) stroke on my hand, maybe because the eyeliner cap is a little bit too short.

The shape of the eyebrow pencil is flat and not too thick, very easy to use either to mimic hair strokes (but I can’t make thin hair strokes out of it) or to boldly fill the eyebrows. The eyeliner is a felt-tip one. The sponge/brush/whatever it called (the body of the felt-tip liner) is quite big, but the tip is small enough to draw a thin line. It will be useful for people who are used to pen eyeliner but can be possibly a little bit tricky for beginners.

I have my Eyessential Pen in the shade medium brown, but the actual colour of the pencil is greyish-brown. It is already written in the official description, and Vinna already announced it through her Instagram story, so people shouldn’t be confused with it. The colour will match you if you like darker brows, but because it is a greyish-brown colour, it won’t come off too dark unless you build it up, so you don’t have to worry.

The colour of the eyeliner is black, and it goes for all three shades. The colour is very opaque and not patchy.

Texture & Finish
The texture of the eyebrow pencil is a little bit hard, so you won’t get harsh strokes out of it. Once it’s on your skin, it is blendable so you can just lightly brush it with a spoolie for a softer finish. You can wipe it off easily with your finger straight after you apply it, but once it sets, I feel like it sticks slightly better to the skin. They claim it to be waterproof, and I have a story to prove it. When I first got this product and I swatched it on the back of my hand, and then I washed my hand afterwards (without rubbing the back of my hand), it didn’t wash off, both the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner.

The eyeliner has a matte finish, it dries fast, and, even though I can’t say it’s smudge-proof, it doesn’t smudge as much.

I’ve never “encountered” not long-lasting eyebrow products so far, so I also can’t say if it’s a very long-lasting one. Just like other brow products that I’ve tried, this one stays all day long. It’s also harder to tell because I already have quite hairy eyebrows and the way I do my eyebrows is au naturel.

But, if we’re talking about the longevity of the eyeliner, it’s easier to tell. Even though it doesn’t smudge easily, but I find this eyeliner fades (not gone) a little bit quicker. I’m not saying 1-2 hours quick, but maybe 4 hours. I say it is quick because the eyeliner that I used before this one can stay put longer, around 6-7 hours, maybe? These numbers, of course, counted when I didn’t rub my eyes, or when I was sweating, etc.

Waterproof ~ yes
Smudgeproof ~ almost yes
Long-wear ~ yes and not really
Lightweight ~ yes
Thin tip and fine stroke ~ yes
Pigmented and solid ~ yes
Quick-dry ~ yes
Cruelty-free ~ woohoo!

Overall, I like this product and I think you should try it, too! For IDR99,000 you can get two great products in one pen. It’s very compact and travel-friendly. For my Muslim friends, I think you’ll love this product because it won’t wash off when you take wudhu. I really can’t complain much from this product because I think it’s great especially at that price point. Is it going to be one of my holy grail? I don’t know. Even though I really like this product, I still prefer a more precise tip for the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner. But this product surely is on my top three eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. Great job, kak Vinna & Jacquelle!

+ a hard type of eyebrow pencil so it won’t come out too bold
+ perfect colour for eyebrow
+ thin felt-tip liner
+ easy to use and carry
+ local product
+ cruelty-free
+ very affordable
+ waterproof

- the eyeliner cap is too short that almost every time I open it, I get ink on my hand
- the eyeliner fades a little bit too quick
- this is just a preference, but I prefer an even thinner (smaller) eyebrow pencil to mimic thin hair strokes and I find it quite difficult using this product
- this is also a preference, I prefer a thinner sponge/brush/whatever it called and thin tip because I’m bad at drawing eyeliner, lol
- not a big deal, but I’m just going to state it: the silver prints wear off too easily

Overall rating

If I see the cons again, the third and fourth point is just me as a beginner can’t properly use a product, lmao. Are you interested to try it? If you’ve been eyeing it, I suggest you try it!

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