I Just Bought 2 New Lip Creams! Wardah Velvet Matte Lip Mousse & Pixy Lip Cream

by - September 01, 2019

To be honest, I can’t financially keep up with all these releases, especially from our amazing local brands. Oh, you guys rock! But I can’t afford all of it, lol. Recently Wardah and Make Over released new lip products: Velvet Matte Lip Mousse from Wardah and Vivid Waterline Lip Stain from Make Over. I wanted to try the Make Over one, but I decided to buy the one from Wardah first. I also wanted to try Pixy’s lip cream because they have new packagings and new formulas, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the new packaging :(

After these two lip creams arrived, I ended up with some trouble: the one from Wardah has a very different colour from the picture, and the one from Pixy has a very bad lip cream formula I’ve ever tried. Let’s just jump into the reviews to know more about them!

Wardah Velvet Matte Lip Mousse in 01 Brown Dreamer
Price: IDR 56,000
Packaging: beautiful packaging, it is a one-coloured matte bottle that supposed to be the same as the colour inside. It looks similar to Korean lip tints like 3CE, Innisfree, etc.

Colour: don’t be fooled by their official picture, because I got fooled. The picture doesn’t match the actual colour perfectly (at least the shade 01 Brown Dreamer). I bought it and expected to get a nude brown-pink colour, but apparently, it is a pink colour lip cream. See the picture above. It is so weird that my camera can’t capture the real colour of this lip cream. This lip cream appears differently under warm light and cool light. I edited the pic to match the real colour.
p.s. The first picture with Wardah name in it is the actual colour that I see, and I edited the pic to make the colour appears like that. The second picture is the same picture as the first one but not edited. You can see the colour is very different.
Texture & finish: mousse texture, very creamy and lightweight. The finish is matte, but unfortunately, it has the potential to be extra drying throughout the day. It is transfer-proof after fully set.
Longevity: medium to long longevity, fades after eating at least on the inner part of my lips. It leaves a pinkish stain that looks like a natural healthy lip colour.
Comfortable ~ yes
Longlasting ~ yes, as long as you’re not having a big meal
Comfort matte finish (not sticky & dry or gives chapped lips look) ~ yes and no
Smooth, lightweight, and moist on the lips ~ yes and no
Even though I was very disappointed with the colour, I think this lip mousse has a very good formula. I like the consistency of it so much; it is very lightweight, it also matches the claim that it has a comfort matte finish, and it’s transfer-proof and long-lasting, too. Sadly, this lip mousse can be a little bit drying throughout the day. It’s not that dry that your lips going to look like you didn't drink anything in the past year, but it doesn’t make your lips look well moisturised either. It gets crumbly after I eat, but it can be fixed by tapping the "crumble" to the lips. I found that wearing this colour using the tapping method is better because the colour appears less pink and more natural-looking. I think I would like it even more if the colour is right. If you’re looking for a nude brown colour, I suggest you buy the colour 08 Brown Creator.

+ lightweight mousse texture
+ transfer-proof and long-lasting
+ local product
+ cute packaging

- it doesn’t have any hint of brown on me
- can be a little bit drying throughout the day

Overall rating: 3/5, but if you ask me to just judge the formula, then it is 4/5

Pixy Lip Cream in 12 Mild Peach
Price: IDR 40,500
Packaging: I have the old packaging. It has slim packaging, nothing impressive.

Colour: it has a very light peach colour when first applied, but it turns into a medium apricot-orange colour after a few minutes.
Texture & finish: creamy texture, has a matte finish.
Longevity: -
Longlasting ~ can’t tell
Lightweight ~ not really
Not drying ~ no
I had two other shades from Pixy lip cream, those are 09 Glam Coral, the one that has gold shimmers in it, and 10 Sweet Choco. I had no problem at all with those two shades, even with Glam Coral and its shimmers, but why do I have to have problems with this one? :( After a few trials, I think this colour alone on my lips look a little bit too much and too orange. As an ombré colour, it looks so fresh and cute, but the texture throws me off. It is super drying, very hard to blend, emphasises every line I have on my lips, sticky, and very patchy, I can’t. I’m not even exaggerating right now! It is not the most drying lip cream, but it is bad enough for me to dislike it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the formula, or maybe I got sent a bad/old product? I can’t tell the longevity of this product because I can’t stand wearing this lip cream all day long, even if I use it using tapping method —I tap a little of the product on my lips for more natural-looking lip colour and more lightweight, too. It looks better if I tap instead of swipe it, but it still looks bad and very drying. To make it less patchy, I have to be extra careful, and I don’t want to spend a whole 10 minutes to apply my lip cream.

+ cute colour
+ affordable

- super drying
- patchy
- sticky
- emphasises lines

Overall rating: 1/5

I feel so bad that I have to state the sad truth about Pixy lip cream (in this particular shade) because I tried other shades from the same line but those were fine :( It could be because I got sent an old product, or maybe this shade is just always had this bad formula. I want to try this shade in their new formula, you know, the one with new packaging. Wardah lip mousse wasn’t impressing either in terms of colour because the official swatch and the actual colour that appears on me are way too far off.

The good news is my boyfriend bought me two other shades from the same line and I’m gonna review them soon! Please wait for it!

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