I Traded a few of my Makeup with my Bestie!

by - August 26, 2019

Skincare and makeup are fun things you discuss with your besties, right? I love sharing about beauty products that I’ve tried or listen to my besties talking about their current favourite beauty products. Those chit chats led to an idea to trade some of our beauty products! My bestie, Niki, and I just traded a few of our beauty products that we no longer use. I had a few lipsticks that I don’t use anymore because I don’t like how the colour appears on my skin tone, and so did Niki. A few days ago I also did the same thing with my other bestie, Dinda. I had a lip gloss that I didn’t use that much because of the colour, so I gave it to her. I traded lip products (or, in the future, any beauty products that had contact with my skin, such as jar moisturisers, or maybe stick foundations or concealers) only with my besties because I trust them. I don’t know if I could ever trade lip products with strangers :|

So, from Niki, I got two lip creams and mascara. I want to talk about those “new” products and review them, so let’s just jump right in!
p.s. if you don’t feel like reading all of my detailed reviews (:p), you can jump to the “Result” section and read my narrative reviews there

Nood Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream in Big Fang Theory
Price: IDR 155,000

Packaging: slim and tall packaging. It has a sharp/pointy edge type of wand so it’s easy to reach side parts of the lips and make clean outer lips lines. The wand also has a hole, so it picks up more product. The design of the product is cute, too.
Colour: coral-y brown, it appears as a fresh, a little bit light brick brown colour. The opacity of this lip cream is great, but it means full lips application is better and makes it a little bit hard to do an ombré lip colour out of it.
Texture & finish: it is very creamy and a little bit thick, but it doesn’t feel heavy. The finish is matte but it doesn’t dry completely so it’s not too drying for the lips. It is not transfer-proof.
Longevity: it has medium longevity. Fades when I eat.

Claims: they don’t give any claim.

When I first tried it, I felt like this colour is way too vibrant. Within a few hours, I noticed that this colour is so good on me! The more I use it, the more I fall in love with it. This colour makes my face look more fresh without being too neon. I like the texture because my preference is always creamier lip creams rather than the runny ones. It leaves the inner part of my lips a little bit dry and crumbly, but not too much, so I’m still okay with it.

+ bright colour that does not appear as neon on me
+ instead, it makes my face look bright
+ local product
+ it has a good wand

- a little bit pricey in this era of affordable yet great lip products

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Maybelline Magnum Big Shot Waterproof Mascara
Price: IDR 129,000

Packaging: the wand has a perfect size, not too big nor small. It’s oval-shaped with a pointy edge, so it’s easy to reach the edges, and able to coat all middle lashes fast. It doesn’t poke the eyes.
Longevity: this mascara is a no joke. It stays forever! Even though so, it’s not that hard to take it off, though. It doesn’t smudge once it dries.

Gives 9x volume to the lashes ~ no
Waterproof ~ yes

I like this mascara because it’s pretty lightweight but able to make my lashes look more dramatic. It holds the curl very well and stays forever, too. I notice that it lengthens more than gives volume to the lashes, which doesn’t match its claim. I’m okay with it because it still gives me pretty lashes in a more natural way. Even though I think it’s good, I still want to search for other mascara that can give me more volume than this one.

+ lengthens the lashes
+ holds the curl well
+ waterproof but doesn’t kill your eyes when you try to remove it

- doesn’t match its claim to give more volume up to 9x

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Emina Creamatte in 01 Chocolava
Price: IDR 47,500

Packaging: a small transparent bottle
Colour: I think it’s a neutral, almost cool deep brown? It turns out as a grungy brown colour on me. The opacity of this product is good; not too opaque nor sheer, and buildable.
Texture & finish: it’s creamy and lightweight, the finish is matte but not drying. Easy to spread and blend-able so it’s easy to make an ombré lip with this lip cream.
Longevity: I never use this lipstick on its own to know the actual longevity, but mixed with other lip creams, it is quite long-lasting and fades when I eat. I also don’t know if it is transfer-proof or not because of the same reason as I stated before.
Smooth texture makes it easy to apply ~ yes
Longlasting ~ maybe
Enriched with macadamia extract to moisturise the lips ~ yes

I tried a few times using this lip cream on its own, but I just can’t stand seeing myself with this grunge colour, lol. It’s not a bad colour, but it’s just not my preference, I think it doesn’t suit me well. I also can’t use it as a base colour for an ombré lip, or even if I use it with the tapping method (tapping the lip cream lightly on lips with a minimal amount of product). Maybe I can use it if I wear a certain kind of looks, like a cool tone smokey eyes, maybe? This is my first time trying Emina Creamatte lip cream and I think it is very creamy and lightweight, I like this formula. Maybe one day I’m going to try other shade(s) from the same line!

+ creamy and lightweight formula
+ small packaging, easy to carry
+ local product
+ affordable

- the colour turns out to be too grunge for my liking
- can’t be used as a base colour for an ombré lip

Overall rating: 2/5

I’m so glad I traded these products because I love them! I hope Niki likes what she got from me, too! Do you trade beauty kinds of stuff with your besties, too? What beauty products you’ve traded with your besties?

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