REVIEW Miniso Color of Life EDT - Warm Earth

by - July 11, 2019

Another post of me reviewing perfume, and more to come! Hi guys, welcome back! For today’s post/article/thread/whatever you call it I’m going to review one of my newest perfume in my collection, that is Miniso Color of Life EDT - Warm Earth. I just can’t say no to perfumes, especially if it is affordable, lol. Miniso has plenty of choices of perfumes, and I started to keep on buying their perfumes since their Jo Malone dupes series. After I bought two variants from that series, I bought another bottle from their newer series, and now this Warm Earth variant from Color of Life line. They all smell great, aren’t too strong like most cheap perfumes, but last for quite a long time. Their packagings are so cute, too! To be honest with my current financial condition —I’m still a student— I prefer cheap but great perfumes like Miniso perfumes for daily.

I’m planning on making a perfume stash article really soon, please wait for it! Now, let’s just jump into the review.

Price & Where to Buy
IDR99,000 for 50ml at all Miniso stores

It has a light blue colour with minimal design. It is a glass bottle and the size is actually pretty small. The spray is nice, it spreads and diffuses well.

Top: bergamot, citrus/hesperides, nutmeg
Middle: marine/watery, woody
Base: musky

Sillage & Longevity
Moderate to heavy sillage
Moderate longevity

When I sniffed all variants of Color of Life series in a Miniso store, I instantly fell in love with this variant. It reminds me of The Body Shop’s Fijian Lotus because it has a strong (yet soft… wait, what?) aquatic scent. I love love love it so much! That’s why I couldn’t resist and ended up buying it, lol. After a few uses, I realised that I like The Body Shop’s a little bit more than this one. Fijian Lotus is calmer and smells more like fresh water, just like morning dews around the lake (okay, what). I can feel a lot more alcohol in Warm Earth, and the citrus scent is stronger in this one. Still love it, don’t worry, I’m just saying that I prefer Fijian Lotus. Even though the citrus scent is kinda strong at first, but it dries down to a deeper musky-aquatic scent. I think it’s a great price for a good perfume. Color of Life has four other variants besides Warm Earth, you should check out the entire line at the nearest Miniso stores! I hope you find something that you like :)

+ clean and fresh aquatic-citrusy scent
+ lasts long and spreads well
+ cute small and minimal packaging
+ affordable

- I personally wish the citrusy scent to be a little bit milder

Overall rating

Do you guys know other cheap-but-great perfumes? Give me some names so I can check ‘em out!

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