REVIEW Sensatia Botanicals Sandalwood Dream Facial-C Serum

by - May 18, 2019

Sensatia Botanicals - Sandalwood Dream Facial C-Serum

Sensatia Botanicals, one of my favourite local brand (even though I haven’t tried many of their products, but I LOVE their value), released Facial C-Serum in six variants for different skin types. Their beauty assistant picked this one for me because I have combination - oily skin. This serum-infused moisturiser is full of beautiful ingredients —aloe vera, kakadu plum, argan, mangosteen, rosehip, and many other (full ingredients list on the second picture). It claims to be hydrating and can help improve skin tone as it is filled with vitamin C. I forgot to take a picture of one side of the box where they claim to be:

  • No animal testing
  • Paraben & phthalate free
  • Pregnancy & breastfeed free
  • Palm oil free
  • Sulfate & silicone free
  • Vegetarian Vegan
  • Reef safe

I bought this at Sensatia Botanicals Plaza Renon (Bali)
It costs IDR180,000

I bought this product around 5-6 months ago, but I didn’t use it religiously enough until around a month ago because I still had few moisturisers left. Even though the PAO is only six months but I still (and will) use it any way. I love the consistency of this moisturiser: it’s like a light lotion, absorbs into the skin easily, and leaves little sheen, but not so noticeable. It smells like a heavenly spa scent, I looove it so much. I’m not sure how much vitamin C is in this moisturiser, but I just want to stay safe so I don’t combine it with any active ingredients (AHA / BHA / not even PHA / retinol).

The hydration is enough for my skin, as I layered this moisturiser on #HadaLabo Gokujyun Light Lotion. I don’t know if I layered this on a lighter toner, maybe I’d need to layer the toner to reach the amount of hydration that I think I need. I feel my skin is “healthier” ever since I use this (except when I accidentally use actives too much and leaves my skin dehydrated!). The ‘help improve skin tone’ claim, I’m not sure if this helps a lot on that one. I feel like my skin tone isn’t improved a lot since I put this on my AM skincare routine, and my PIH doesn’t improve, too. Since this moisturiser isn’t filled with ascorbic kind of vitamin C, I think it makes sense that this product doesn’t do the job as fast. It doesn’t make this product bad, though!

If you’re into the beautiful claims and willing to repurchase the same product, this product is a good option and you might see improvement if you use this in the long term. Plus, it comes in a bottle with a pump! I love any skincare products that use a pump. It’s a plastic bottle, but you can return the bottle if you already finished one and they’ll recycle it.

Have any of you guys tried Sensatia Botanicals’ products? Let me know how you feel about their products below!

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