Current Facial Wash (for Combination - Oily Skin)

by - May 19, 2019

Hey guys, as I said on my last post, I will post my current facial washes. There is nothing special about them, though, but since I need a recommendation on a good and gentle (and affordable) facial wash, so I just post this anyway. Right now, I have three facial washes left after I finished my Senka Perfect White Clay (PM use) and Sensatia Botanicals Unscented Facial Cleanser (AM use). Unfortunately, I think I cannot use those facial washes for daily use (I will explain later). Here are my reviews on them, and I will also include my short reviews on the Senka and Sensatia Botanicals’ facial cleansers.

#Senka Perfect White Clay ~ empty
Texture: cream, turns into lots of foam
Brightening ~ yes, but not significant
Smoothing ~ not really
Moisturising ~ not stripping/drying, but not as moisturising
Deep cleansing ~ yes
I bought this from Sociolla for under IDR100,000

I decided to buy this because I was looking for a deep cleansing cleanser, but still gentle enough for daily use. I also used to have the original Perfect Whip and I love it. I love this product as much as the original one, but I think the original one is lighter and more moisturising. I might repurchase this facial wash if I can’t pick another facial wash. 4.5/5

#SensatiaBotanicals Unscented Soapless Facial Cleanser ~ empty
Texture: light lotion, no foam
Gentle ~ yes
Effectively remove impurities ~ not really
Fresh skin ~ yes
I bought this from Sensatia Botanicals’ official Shopee page for around IDR129,000 (sorry, I can’t remember)

I love this facial cleanser for morning use only. This cleanser cannot remove excess makeup, and I’m not sure on how effective it is at removing dirt. But as a morning cleanser or a cleanser when I don’t use any makeup, this is the bomb! Very gentle, not stripping or drying at all. They have few other variants for this facial cleanser. I’ve tried the Green Tea & Tamarind and the Acne Clarifying but I can’t tell the difference between those variants, though, except the scents. I think I can’t tell the difference because I didn’t use them side by side, there were big time gaps between one variant to the other. 4.5/5

Black Pearl Soap
Texture: bar soap with a gritty texture, turns into lotsss of foam
Smoothing ~ not really
Brightening ~ yes
Treats acne and blackheads ~ I don’t know because I only got acne because my skin is dehydrated, and I don’t have blackheads
Fades dark spots ~ no
Plumping ~ not so much
Anti-wrinkle ~ can’t tell, I don’t deal with a lot of wrinkles …yet
Protects from the UV ~ don’t believe I can rely on this product for this one
Minimise pores ~ no
My brother gave this to me, he said he bought it from a friend for IDR50,000

I accepted this product just because I urgently needed a facial wash at that time. I was pretty excited to try this, though, because the ingredients seem excellent. I liked this product, but now I’m not sure how I feel about it … It doesn’t feel drying after I use this, but I think the grittiness makes my already dehydrated skin gets a little bit worse. I know I’m supposed to use the foam, I do use just the foam, but I still can feel the scrub every time. 3.5/5

#Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash*
Texture: gel, turns into foam
Brightening ~ no
Moisturising ~ no
I got it from a giveaway

I think this product is just okay. Nothing special about it and the claims don’t match the reality. It cleans my face moderately. It contains AHA so I don’t think I can use this every day, even though it doesn’t strip my face a lot. 3/5

#LOrealParis White Perfect Scrub Anti-Dullness
Texture: gel with scrubs
Brightening ~ yes
Shrink pores ~ yes
My mum gave this to me

I think this facial wash is so good after a day with full makeup on. It cleans the pores and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I notice that my skin is brighter after I use this facial wash. It shrinks the pores temporarily, but I don’t think it’s good for the skin to use scrubs every day even though the scrubs are not harsh at all. 4/5

*product was gifted

I tried a lot of facial washes, but I don’t think I’ve ever found my holy grail. I like the Sensatia Botanicals' facial wash a LOT, but I can’t use that for PM use if I wear makeup, so I can’t tell that it is my holy grail. I like the Senka’s too, but I’m still hoping that there is another facial wash out there that can make me surprised and satisfied a lot.

Let me know your favourite facial cleanser(s) ever! I might be interested :)

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